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Saturday, January 5, 2008
posted by Anne | 11:39 PM | permalink
Excerpt from my debate wrap-up:
McCain made his national security leadership pitch well, though he was kind of dogged about it. I suppose they are all tired. He got some sniping against Mitt flipping positions, but I have to say McCain has changed positions as well after some thought. Immigration being one, the Bush tax cut being another. And I would certainly welcome it, as would most Republicans if he admitted campaign finance "reform" was a mistake.

So who knows? I don't know if Mitt did well enough to overtake McCain, but independents going for Obama may do the trick. Apparently they are 44% of NH voters.
Full post at BackyardConservative, including the Dems' debate.
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This site has the replay of the moment Mr. Huckabee tries to bend Mitt's words regarding US troop withdrawl "timetable".

I recall Mr. Romney being asked about a timetable! Up to the time he was asked about a timetable, he was against the liberal timetable issue. Numerous democrats were calling for a timetable and it was a liberal "cowardly issue" in the context of two other items. 1) The democrats wanted to get out of Iraq asap because they felt they did not want the war on their hands if they were in control of the WH (and congress too). 2) The democrat mantra that the surge wasn't working during that period was popular by a lot of Americans via polls. The democrats were trying to get a public consensus on the issue as just another strategy of pressure on the president. Another political ploy for their purposes. Yet republicans were ticked at this ploy because it emboldend Al Qaida and the insurgents in Iraq.This placed our soldiers and the supportive Iraqi people in greater danger.

The very smart guy that Romney is considered a DIFFERENT KIND OF TIMETABLE. Romney, like other republicans who stated that 1)we didn't want our enemies to know our plans openly, giving them a strategic advantage. 2) If an ABSOLUTE date for withdrawl came, our leaving would be seen as a surrender. This would be demoralizing to the Iraqi people and embolden the insurgents at the time of our leaving. We'd be leaving them in an irresponsible and deadly situation.

There was also debate in congress about whether the Iraqi leaders were doing enough to carry their responsibility in eventually being able to take full control out of the hands of US military. Now, you have to understand that Mr. Romney is a high powered businessman with deadlines (like timetables) and goals for the successful accomplishment of objectives.

(By the way, Romney has averaged 113% return on investment each and every year that he lead Bain Capital--14 years straight! How'd you like a legend [in his industry] like that managing your investment?)

As such, he is stating that a hidden goal or timetable may be appropriate for the Iraqi leadership (to obviously be better at meeting their and US's objectives more responsibly!) Romney's comments were the only ones of its kind-NOBODY challanged that wisdom-nobody. At that time with deadline pressure being discussed, the Iraqi leaders and people were stressing out about this kind of talk in our US politics. Nobody had said anything like that to defuse the tension, but ROMNEY. Listen to the video again. The questioner asked about timetables on US troop withdrawl, Romney talked about "timetables and milestones" for the president and prime minister of Iraq associated with their duties and responsibilities.

As such, Mr. Romney did not refer to any US troop exiting timetable ever!!

It is amazing how deceitful people can be with the use of the passage of time and the context of the political climate as the specifics fade from our minds. Does anyone suppose that could also be the "tool" of those that would have you believe that Mr. Romney is a flip-Flopper"? Do some research, you'll find the facts have been explained by dozens of people. Yet the liberal media and others choose to manipulate the general public with the "tool" of "passage of time and context" (against our ability to recall) to people who really don't like to do their own due diligence of the facts.

Is there anybody else out there who can think of other manipulations? Send some in to this great site.
Examples:"Christian leader" insinuates (and you're not). "A religious test..." Article 6 US Constitution. Anyone who drops the line, "devil and Jesus are brothers" hoax are suggesting a very obvious failure to meet a religious test too.

An honest and exceedingly competent man would bring great dividends to our investment of study time for a POTUS and then, our vote. It's Mitt Romney--his life and stories are the metal great presidents are made of!!!

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