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Wednesday, December 12, 2007
posted by Anne | 10:53 AM | permalink
So far Huckabee has skated through on quick quips, with no serious examination of his record. (And a manipulative, mean-spirited use of religion that is over the line in my view) Powerline with more on his record. (Note the Leftie Dem Huffington Post will press this attack relentlessly should Huckabee win the GOP nomination, and with good reason.):

The Huffington Post has released additional documents from then-Governor Huckabee's file on Wayne Dumond, the rapist Huckabee concluded should be released from prison and who, after he was released, committed murder. Our friend Byron York, who has been and remains critical of some of the attacks directed at Huckabee over the Dumond affair, has reviewed the documents. He concludes that Huckabee has a lot to explain.

I'll say. The file was provided to Gov. Huckabee by a staffer who didn’t agree with Huckabee’s view that Dumond should be freed (it is this staffer, I understand, who provided the documents that appear on the Huffington Post). The file contains 12 letters written by eight different women, three of whom reported being raped or sexually assaulted by Dumond. It also includes an affidavit provided by the Arkansas state police in which Dumond confessed to a rape for which he was never charged. Thus, far from being a victim of the criminal justice system, there was good reason to believe that Dumond had committed crimes for which he was not serving time. Why Huckabee thought Dumond had gotten a “raw deal” is beyond me, and Huckabee has failed to provide a plausible explanation.

Then, there's the issue of whether Huckabee has been honest in his statements about the Dumond affair.
Read on at Powerline.
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The inner working of Huckabee's mind: "Right after I get done unleashing a few dozen more vicious criminals on the public, I gotta get back to work protecting the planet from those clean-living, law-abiding, hard-working Mormons. Ain't I a wonderful Christian?"

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