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Tuesday, December 11, 2007
posted by Justin Hart | 8:31 AM | permalink
When we take on Mike Huckabee we will do so on his record and his actions as Governor.

Beyond the Wayne DuMond case (paroled by Huckabee and went on to murder someone); Eugene Fields (DWI sentence commuted but re-arrested 3 years later after almost hitting a cop drunk); Samuel Taylor (granted clemency for drugs and theft only to go drug dealing again)... Mike has commuted serious murderers whose whereabouts are unknown:

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I agree that these commuted sentences cast a bad light on Huck's record and that his record should be brought to light.

What I cannot understand is why Romney does not absolutely take him to the woodshed on fiscal/economic and security issues. These (especially fiscal/economics) should be Mitt's strengths and if anyone can take apart the "fair tax" and explain to the American people why it is a smoke and mirrors pipe dream it is Mitt Romney. In the process, Romney should also educate the people as to why his fiscal policies present a far better solution.

On foreign policy, Mitt is no heavyweight, but compared to Huck, he is light years ahead, and should draw a contrast his record, his opinions, his experience, etc. in meaningful, meaty, substantive ways.

On the fiscal and foreign policy front, Romney seems to be sticking to stump lines rather than EDUCATING the voters and making the case for his positions rather than Huck's. Hence, Mitt comes off as a panderer to those already skeptical and Huck comes off as a hero to a crowd predisposed to trust him.

Highlighting Huck's record on criminals is all well and good. But at the end of the day it is NOT going to help Romney all that much with a bloc of voters who tend to sympathize with Huck and his views on salvation for all willin to orally declare their acceptance of God's grace.

Mitt needs to come out with more substantive arguments on the fiscal and security fronts. Opposition research attacks simply won't be enough.

Justin, I would expect that you have heard Mike Huckabee explain that governors cannot parole anyone in Arkansas. The fact that you still state "paroled by Huckabee" is either a slam on your brain or on your character. You choose.

And Ronald Reagan pardoned a man who later murdered his wife...

Sheesh, nobody is perfect.


There once was a governor named Huck,
And the Liberal Dems couldn’t believe their luck!
They pushed for the nod
From the GOP bod
Then they’d win and Republicans would be stuck — with a loser!

Justin, where do you get your info? I would like to know who the other 700 are whose sentences he commuted, or whose crimes he pardoned.

Anonymous: Here's a link to the pardons:

True, nobody's perfect.

But to grant clemency to over 700 is much too far away from perfect for my comfort.

Interesting you've never heard of the "Huck 700." His record, if you'll simply listen, will continue to surprise you.


It sounds your argument is one of semantics.

Was Huckabee responsible for the release of DuMond? This is what is important--not the exact word utilized to describe Huckabee's act. Such elementary criticisms of Justin's statements are something only academics or obsessed Huck fans concern themselves with.

Match your verb of choice (parole, release, set free, emancipate, discharge, or possibly another) for Huck's action, and that's what Huck did.

Huck could have stopped it. That's the bottom line. Instead, Clemency Huck facilitated and even lobbied on behalf of DuMond. He denied that, but facts (several on the board) speak otherwise.

Get real with your criticisms, Mr. Benson.

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