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Tuesday, December 11, 2007
posted by Kyle Hampton | 3:52 PM | permalink
There has been some sentiment, in browsing around the blogosphere, that somehow the negative stuff that's coming out about Huckabee is somehow unfair. Jonathan Martin in particular seems to be trying to paint a picture that the different stories out about Huck's clemency issues, tax record, thoughts on AIDS or gays, foreign policy credentials, or immigration record are somehow insubstantial or hateful. This is absolute nonsense.

Huckabee had gotten zero scrutiny before November, mostly because his campaign had gotten little traction and he appeared headed for a sure VP nomination. This left little reason to scrutinize his record. Since then, not only has he risen in the polls and submitted himself as a viable presidential candidate, he has done it without scrutiny of his record. Now that such scrutiny is coming fast and furious, he is left to quickly do what other candidates have been doing all year: explain and defend their record. Romney, Giuliani, McCain, and even Thompson have been answering the repeated critiques of their respective records. That Huckabee is subjected to the same standard hardly seems unfair.

Thus, to those bloggers, especially unaffiliated ones, who are trying to generate sympathy for Huckabee for having to go through scrutiny, I say: quit pouting. Huckabee is a seriously flawed candidate. Nothing that is being done to him is unique to him. All serious candidates have had to go through the same process. So take it like a man, Huckabee, and quit yer bellyachin'.
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Huckabee has to gang up on the LGBT community to show us what a real man he is. If he has to pick on a group of American citizens why doesn't he pick a group that has the same rights, benefits & protections as he has?

National Review has endorsed Romney. Just thought you guys should know...

Well, nothing is really shocking to us Romney bloggers. We were around when Romney was being "vetted" and the smear about him (his family dog for goodness sakes?) was outrageously over the top. All candidates deserve it because if we don't air it, Hillary Clinton will. Voters need to know now in order to make the best determination about who is the best candidate.

My head's been about to explode the past month+ with all the fluff coverage Huck has gotten.They report the negative suff but not with the usual vitriol they use towards Republicans. I can't believe the gays and AIDS people haven't came out yelling. Someone is telling them to shut up.I've been reading Martin since January and he attacks Mitt in every peice,sometimes even back hand swipes. But the MSM in general is in the tank for Huck.

Huckabee is ALWAYS the victim and his defense is almost always an ad hominem attack on the person/group to distract from the content.

When asked about Mitt's speech he said a few appropriate things and then suggested that he'd suffered more religious attacks than Mitt this election cycle. Gag.

Huck's response to criticisms:

14 ethics complaints, 5 ethics violations?: The liberals were out to get me!
Wayne Dumond?: The liberal parole board is out to get me!
Taxes/Spending?: "Club for Greed" is out to get me!
Illegal immigration?: The Fed. screwed it up! My bad decisions are their fault!

He's always points fingers at people/groups and never dealing with the substance of his record. That he should be whining about persecution is truly comical.

The REAL unfairness is that Huck is not getting his full share of scrutiny since Giuliani and the DNC are holding back. He at least deserves to have the total campaign experience.

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