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Wednesday, December 5, 2007
posted by Kyle Hampton | 8:20 PM | permalink
Fresh off his endorsement of Mitt last week, ACU President David Keene writes over at The Hill why he endorsed Romney. It's a fairly lengthy piece, but Keene makes a ton of good points:
I would have stayed on the sidelines, but was slowly coming to realize that Romney, unlike Giuliani, might just have the ability to unite conservatives and is their best chance to advance our policy goals should Republicans hold the White House. His commitments on a variety of issues have struck me as credible as he strives to put together a coalition of Republicans that will give him a chance to win both his party’s nomination and a general election...

Romney is quite different. He’s governed successfully in one of the most liberal states in the nation and while he’s had to bend to accommodate the reality of political life in Massachusetts, he’s managed to accomplish a good deal more than most conservatives would have under similar circumstances. Once more, anyone who has spent any time with him realizes that he is intellectually inquisitive and comfortable enough with himself to welcome divergent views from those around him.
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David Keene is right on the money. Mitt Romney has a proven record and obvious strength in all areas that actually matter: Family Values, Finances, and Fighting.

Family- his RECORD is completely pro-life. Of course he has changed for the better. What idiot hasn't. Go look at his record- I dare you.

Finances- Is there any scintilla of doubt that Romney could restructure Washington, Taxes and America for the Better? Three words: Olympics, Massachusetts, Bain.

Fighting- The large problem everybody knows about with our overseas wars is that we have been unprepared and unplanned. Romney is already proposing better ideas than have been implemented.

Like I said, David Keene is right on the Money. Guiliani may appear to be good with Fighting. Huckabee or Fred may be good with Family Values. But none of them can achieve what Romney could in all three areas of Conservatism. Family, Fighting, Finances. Go America!

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