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Wednesday, December 5, 2007
posted by Kyle Hampton | 3:09 PM | permalink
Marc Ambinder has some questions to think about before "the Speech". Do you have some answers? Let us know at I'll post some responses:

(1) Generally, should the content of a candidates religious practice inform a voter's perception of a candidate?

(2) Are those who object to Mormonism on theological and doctrinal grounds religious bigots?

(3) Is a certain amount of "religious bigotry" necessary in a pluralistic democracy where people are encouraged to live according to their beliefs?

(4) Is there a difference between deciding not to vote for Mormon politicians and deciding not to rent a house to a Mormon family?

(5) Is Mormonism weird? Weirder that Christianity? Judaism? Atheism?

(6) Should candidates for office be forced to discuss and endorse the particular quirks of their faith?

(7) Is Mitt Romney proud of the tenets of his faith? Is he an orthodox Mormon? Are these questions appropriate?

(8) Is Mormonism objectively similar to widely accepted variants of evangelical Christian theology?

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Things all of us agree on and mitt should stress:
1-charity, good religious people give, he should praise and encourage charity
2-honesty, all religions believe we should be honest
3-abortion, we all are opposed to it, reaffirm your opposition
4-pornogrpahy, everyone hates it. Gordon B. Hinckley reminded us the this industry is bigger than ALL professional sports revenue (including gate receipts and TV licensing), I remember this, mitt could use this fact, and condemn pornography, and also say he will use the presidency to fight it
5-strong military, religious christians believe that america should be strong, reaffirm this
6-religious freedom, mitts religion stresses that they allow all people the freedom to choose and it also claims this privilege
christianity, mitt claims to be christian, many think he is not. He should remind all people regardless of their beliefs in christ, that if they believe in christ, then he considers them christians. He should also stress his love for judaism and other religions that teach love
7-Mormons, mitt should remind the world of the many mormons that have served and that they do not answer to SLC, He should mention a few Mormons
8-Mormon doctrine- mitt should admit that his religion can be perceived by some to be peculiar, because it is, even if it is true.

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