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Tuesday, December 4, 2007
posted by Justin Hart | 6:41 AM | permalink
News round-up for this important event in bullet format:
  • Let's note at the outset here.  This will not be about Mormonsim. Rather it will address religious liberties.  
  • Jonah Goldberg asks his readers for any logical reason why Mormon doctrines would preclude Romney from being President.  Silence.
  • Instead, some of his readers worry that electing Romney will somehow validate Mormonism and give momentum to the Mormon church.  He concludes: "No one has made the case"
  • The political air is being sucked out of any other campaign right now as campaigns admit: "Romney owns the week"
  • Hugh Hewitt points out the media coupe that Romney commands with thousands of people watching, no other candidates, George H.W. introducing you, and a warm receptive audience to boot.
  • Article IV blog is on top of this thing like no one else.'
  • Mark Tapsott takes issue with the venue.  He offers no alternatives.  The reason for the "secular" setting is pretty easy: You can't use a Catholic setting, there is not central Evangelical command, the Baptists are in a schism, can't be Methodist, Unitarian, or Episcopal.  Some have suggested a theological seminary setting... but even that has its own politics.  In short, things have changed dramatically since the days of JFK.  K-Lo's cool on the setting.
  • Richard Brookhiser had this to sayThe history of Mormonism in America is a story of social and political success, for Mormons and non-Mormons alike. From the grimmest beginnings—the lynching of Joseph Smith, the Mountain Meadows massacre—orthodox Mormons have been ordinary decent citizens for over a century, and other Americans have recognized as much. I hope Romney instructs the ignorant, and holds the bigots, right and left, to shame.
  • Stay tuned.  More to come.
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The MSM and some voters have been taking snide shots at Romney's religion and trying to use it to pull his numbers down for months now. It hasn't worked, to date, much to the frustration of those who were pushing this line of attack. But giving this speech will likely split Romney's opposition and possibly render them even less of a threat and this could be a good thing in a big way. Let me explain.

There exists in America a small but vociferous group of people whose founders named themselves "anti-Mormons." The people who gave them their name were people who left the early LDS church and decided it was their mission in life to destroy the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It was they who encouraged Gov. Boggs of MO to issue the Extermination Order which called for any Mormon found in MO after a certain date was to be summarily put to deat. It was they who stirred up the mobs that murdered Joseph Smith and destroyed the city of Nauvoo, IL.

Today, the descendents, both literal and intellectual, of these original anti-Mormons are faced with what is their and their ancestor's worst nightmare come true: a Mormon president. They are not so much concerned with a Mormon achieving the office per se, but with the validation that such an election would give to the LDS church. And so, as Romney's campaign has grown in size and popularity, so to has the number of shrill attacks from these religious fanatics.

Mitt Romney's opposition is not all based on his religion, though. Currently, it is a mix of these anti-Mormons, Conservatives who believe nothing good can come from MA and voters who are just simply uninformed about Romney and the church. For now, they all hide behind the "its not his religion, he's a Liberal!" fig leaf, mainly because for the latter two groups, it is, in their minds, true. But it is these anti-Mormons who are the most outspoken with the snide asides about "magic underwear", "holy heartburn" and so on who, when called on such comments, duck behind the "he's a Liberal" charge.

Ignorance and fear can be overcome, but blind hatred is far, far more difficult. This speech has the chance to break up this coalition and leave only the most vitriolic and unreasoning haters exposed for who they really are. Such hate is now and has always been deeply repellent to the average voter and isolating these people from the rest of Romney's detractors would be of great importance to the campaign and to our country.

Anti-Mormons have a 150 year track record of proven failure in their effort to destroy the church. They always know when to go overboard with their criticism and drive away those they seek to convince and can be counted on to do the same here. This speech may well provide that tipping point and those who simply ignorant about Romney or the church and Conservatives in general, will see just how unbalanced these anti-Mormons are be repulsed. Many of whom, for this very reason, will be driven to support Romney. This is why I think the speech should be made and why it could be such a big deal if done right.

I want Mitt & all the GOP candidates to consider this. The illegal immigration issue is a winner for GOP. They shouldn't shy away from it! I've talked to Dems & Republicans alike who say whoever is strongest on securing the border & not rewarding illegals, regardless of party, that's who they'll vote for!

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