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Tuesday, December 18, 2007
posted by My Klob | 8:53 PM | permalink
RedState has an open post for people to explain why the support Gov. Mitt Romney here.

I have not responded, but here is one reason:

He is the only one to have taken ANY of these classes:
  • Financial Reporting and Control
  • Leadership and Organizational Behavior
  • Technology and Operations Management
  • Business, Government, and the International Economy
  • Strategy
  • The Entrepreneurial Manager
  • Negotiation
  • Finance II
  • Leadership and Corporate Accountability
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Post it, myclob - great list!

Oops! I accidentally got banned from RedState. Now, I'll need some way to get back on there. The whole forum actually seemed quite entertaining. They said it was because I posted the same thing more than once. But it was an accident. I accidentally put my post for why "I support Mike Huckabee" under the "Why I support Mitt Romney" tab. So, I had to repost it in the right place too. If for any reason they've erased my post, here it is. Let me know if you think that it was so objectionable:

Mike Huckabee rules!!!!

I support Huckabee for President because he is more fiscally liberal than Obama and Hillary. I wish that he could go all the way and be a complete socialist like Edwards, but he's still got time. I also support Huckabee because I am a dumb, religious bigot, and my brain consists of Jell-O mixed with H2O (Oops saying that was too complex for me. I meant to just say water). I also like Huckabee because he thinks that Iran is our friend and that we should treat them like family. This is a great idea for those of us who agree that the world might last too long if we keep a nuke out of the hands of the ayatollahs. I also want Huckabee to be President because he agrees with me that government should be everything to everybody. That is a great philosophy! Personal responsibility is way overrated. I'm actually working too hard typing this. Maybe with a President Huckabee, he could get somebody to type for me while I dictate this post to that person - all at government expense of course. Better yet, they can actually do the thinking for me too, since that should be government's job also. I support Huckabee because I think that once a person says that they believe in Jesus, they should automatically be released from prison no matter what kind of crime they committed. I especially like to do this because it gives me the possible opportunity to forgive those same people again in the future when they commit the same heinous crimes after I they are released. I also want to vote for Huckabee because I believe in Jesus and since Huckabee seems to believe that he is Jesus with all of his comparisons with himself to Deity, I don't want to vote against him just in case he is right. Don't forget that Huckabee is the "CHRISTIAN LEADER." All those years of me being taught that the CHRISTIAN LEADER was somebody by the name of Jesus of Nazareth couldn't be wrong, and neither could Huckabee, right? So, for all of you who had a tough time figuring out why to vote for Huckabee, shame on you! You must drink from a different Jesus juice than I do, and you must be people who are inclined toward racism and demagoguery.

There, I just gave plenty of reasons to support Huckabee, and I have plenty more where those came from.

omg Zeus, I lol'ed. Great post. I think it's a shame that they took it down on RedState!

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