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Tuesday, December 18, 2007
posted by My Klob | 7:24 PM | permalink
Fred Lucas (any relation to George?) wrote an article (from a computer
located in his closet) in Cyber News Service (ran out of that same
closet) called; "Romney Calls for Employment Verification System that
Already Exists."

Drudge has linked to it, and anything Drudge links to gets millions of hits...

But the article is plain wrong.

The article is taking Gov. Mitt Romney out of contect, and in the
process of doing so is LYING about what he said.

Romney spoke at length about the problems with the system... He spoke
about how it is illegal for employers to "descriminate" against fishy
documents... and how there is no way to identify if the documents that
are real.

So, no, the "Employment Verification System" that Romney calls for
does NOT exist.

I don't mean to yell, but what do you do when major news outlets say
things that aren't true? The tamper-proof ID badge for workers, that
has biometric information on them, that Romney called for on Meet the

Sure, there is a federal system, but that's not Romney's point.
Romney's point is the federal system sucks. That no GOOD SYSTEM exists
to have guest workers. Is this something too complicated for Fred
Lucas to understand?

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Un-related: I am beyond annoyed at CHRISTIAN LEADER’s latest salvo trying to protect himself against Mitt’s latest comparison ad by likening Romney to a 3rd Grade tattle tale. I mean, when will Up-Chuck-abee show that he’s even on the same intellectual level with Forrest Gump, Gomer Pyle, and Gumby? I have been opposed to literacy tests for voting, but how about we start IQ tests before running for President? We don’t even have to release the results. We just have to make sure that the candidate is not someone who could qualify as mentally retarded. I’m beginning to think that Up-Chuck-abee is either just at the mental level of a kindergartener or is really just the dumbest person in recent memory to ever run for President. Could you say Barbara Boxer level of intelligence? Regardless, I am tired of the juvenile way in which he has consistently defended himself to any accusations by attacking the messenger. Is it Mitt Romney’s fault that Up-Chuck-abee has a horrible record on fighting crime? Is it the New York Times reporter’s fault that Up-Chuck-abee spewed anti-Mormon bigotry in their interview? Is anything ever his fault? Well, forget Harry Truman because with Mike Up-Chuck-abee, the buck stops everywhere else.

I must admit, the worker verification thing has been confusing for me.

I assume that everyone (immigrants or non) would require one of these cards otherwise illegals would all claim they simply aren't immigrants.

It seems like they could replace the Social Security Cards.

Are there any links, or does anyone care to explain the program.

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