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Tuesday, December 18, 2007
posted by Justin Hart | 8:48 AM | permalink
Rep. Kingston is in his 14th year representative Georgia's 1st district and is the raking member of the Appropriations Committee's Agriculture Subcommittee (a pretty powerful group).

Says Kingston:
"After months of consideration, I have decided to support Mitt Romney for President. In a field of worthy candidates, Governor Romney has displayed a deep grasp of the issues, a commitment for change, and the character that we need in the next President of the United States.

"Governor Romney, unlike any candidate in either party, has successfully run a business. He understands markets and the invisible hand of capitalism. As we face growing international competition, especially from China, Governor Romney knows how to keep jobs in America.

"His business background and track record in Massachusetts shows that he knows how to reduce government spending and get Washington on a sound fiscal path.

"As Governor, he took on one of the toughest issues facing our country – healthcare. With the exception of Hillary Clinton's failed attempt to socialize medicine in 1993, healthcare has been ignored by other candidates.

"In a country divided by blue and red politics, Governor Romney has proven that he can work with both parties. Being a Republican leader of Democratic Massachusetts shows bipartisanship, which no other candidate can claim. Can you imagine how some candidates will further divide America?

"I enthusiastically support Mitt Romney for President, and I look forward to working with Senator Jim DeMint, Congressman Gingrey, Congressman Price and Speaker Pro Tempore Mark Burkhalter and the entire Georgia Legislative Team on his candidacy in Georgia and South Carolina," said Congressman Kingston.

Welcoming Congressman Kingston to Romney for President, Governor Romney said, "It is an honor to have Congressman Kingston on our team. For over a decade, he has been fighting for our conservative principles in Washington. With his experience as a strong steward of the taxpayers' money, I know that we can work together to change Washington because change begins with Republicans like Congressman Kingston."

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