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Wednesday, October 24, 2007
posted by jason | 2:08 PM | permalink
Fred lost an important fan today, Joe Carter from Evangelical Outpost and founder of Blogs for Fred. Seems Joe is disillisuioned with Fred's underwhelming performance:

In June I bought into the hype surrounding the former Tennessee Senator. Having surveyed the field of GOP candidates and found that Rudy Giuliani (shudder) was at the leading contender, I was willing to support almost any conservative that could knock the Mayor from his perch atop the polls. Thompson appeared to be poised to do just that so I started Blogs for Fred in anticipation of the political equivalent of an IPO--an official announcement of his candidacy.

The site was launched the first week of July but the candidate was nowhere to be found. That was the first sign that something was wrong. Nevertheless, I remained optimistic, believing that Thompson needed the extra time since he was preparing to run a "different kind of campaign."

Eventually, he did get in the race. And the campaign is definitely "different." In fact, it's almost like Thompson isn't campaigning at all. Defending his campaign work schedule on Monday he said, "I'm going to do it the way I want to do it." That's precisely the problem, doing it "Fred's Way" means not doing much at all.

I've been frustrated with his campaign even before it launched and have grown increasingly tired of having to justify to myself why Thompson deserves my vote. I won't waste time elaborating all the reasons for my decision, but they are many. Still, I hung on until this past weekend. After seeing his sloppy, lackluster, uninspiring speech at the Washington Briefing I realized I couldn’t do it anymore.

To be sure, most of us Mitt-bots saw it coming. This isn't even the slightest bit surprising. The Fred summer phenomena was akin to a Ricky Martin performance- all the fans were cheering going nuts and everyone else is thinking "Man, this guy sucks." Well Fred sucks too.
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Wow! Just wow!

Just to inform you,

The real Blogs For Fred still exists.

You know, the one that gets more traffic than your My man FLIP site.

I won't, I mean actually it's impossible, for me to stoop to your low level of brain function by trashing Flip Romney, like you did Fred.

If by some amazing miracle you awake one day and find that you can now for the first time place a round peg into an equally round hole, and Mitt Romney does get the nomination, I will support him.

Of course, we will then have to prepare ourselves for the reverse of the 2008 elections. Back then every where President Bush went, the crowds that met him would chant "Flip, Flop, Flip, Flop."

If we nominate your man Flip, this time around it will be the Dem crowds chanting it wherever Hillary goes.

Talk about sucking....

By Anonymous Anonymous, at October 25, 2007 at 1:32 AM  

Believe me, Anonymous, I feel your pain.

I was a faithful Freeper at Free Republic for a long time. But now that site has become "Fred Republic" and they have some of the nastiest, most spiteful, hateful comments against my COC (Candidate of Choice), Mitt Romney, that I've ever seen.

I know Jason, the author of this post, and I know him to be a good-hearted man, as I am sure you are (maybe you're woman, I don't know).

I think we all want the same thing -- the best candidate who can win in November 2008.

I have serious concerns about Fred Thompson, though.

I have three requirements for who I will support for the GOP nomination:

1. conservative policies
2. executive experience
3. a proven track record of success

We have a group of great candidates, but, in my opinion, there is only one that satisfies all three -- that man is Mitt Romney.

Fred Thompson has great conservative ideals, but he lacks the other two. That's how I see it.

I urge you to read the book "A Mormon In The White House" by Hugh Hewitt.

Before you throw Mitt into the trash, please research his background, policies and his proven track record of success in business and politics.

I did that with Fred Thompson, and although he seems like a great guy, a solid conservative and a great American, I don't believe he is as qualified to be the president as Mitt Romney is.

By the way, you are correct that is still active. But the blog that Joe Carter is associated with is:

If you go to this link - you will see Joe Carter's name.

Take care and I hope we can convince you to at least give Mitt a chance.


Fred's sinking. Sorry.

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