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Sunday, September 23, 2007
posted by Justin Hart | 11:50 AM | permalink
Yesterday at the Mackinac Republican Leadership Conference on Mackinac Island, Michigan, Romney continued his full court press on the internal change that's needed across the GOP ranks:
"I believe that we are at an inflection point today. Forces of globalization, the emergence of new economic powerhouses like China and India, and the spread of radical violent Jihad have created a perfect storm that will change the course of our nation. And, we face unprecedented challenges in securing our borders, protecting the family, creating new jobs and achieving energy security.

"The people of this great nation have always taken a hand in shaping our own destiny. I believe the American people will rise to the occasion once again, as we have always done before. But at this critical time in our nation's history, Washington is failing us.

"I think we'd have to admit that the blame doesn't all belong to the Democrats. We Republicans have to put our own house in order. We can't be like Democrats – a party of big spenders. We can't pretend our borders are secure from illegal immigration. We can't have ethical standards that are a punch line for Jay Leno. When Republicans act like Democrats, America loses.

"We've got to start acting like Republicans, not earmarking Republicans, not big government Republicans, but like Reagan Republicans and Teddy Roosevelt Republicans. They led us along the right course.

"It's time for us to show the confidence my Dad had that right will always prevail.

"It's time for change in Washington and change begins with us.

This is almost word for word like the news ads he has run and the recent commercial "Change".

The reaction to this has been mixed. Here's Powerline's Hinderrocker:
I don't find the ad particularly controversial; certainly its sentiments will resonate with most Republican primary voters. But will it make a difference in Romney's position in the Presidential race?

Politico's Martin notes the uneasiness on this discussion:
The tepid response to Romney's message of change reflects the mood many Republicans here and across the country share. While recognizing the failures (real and perceived) of President Bush and congressional Republicans, they're not ready to explicitly rebuke their own. And hearing the chief rhetorical staple of the Democratic candidates -- "change" -- from one of their own White House contenders can be disconcerting or at least cause uncertainty about how to respond. In any case, it prompted a much less enthusiastic response than Giuliani got here last night for his red meat attacks on Democrats and particularly Hillary Clinton.

But Romney and his campaign clearly recognize the political necessity to move away from a party brand that, thanks to the incumbent president and congressional scandal, is at a historically low ebb.

Notice, even as a "Romneybot" I can still call it as it is. This is a risky maneuver that could potentially be costly... but I think it is the right move.

Yes, it hurts and its not easy but it is needed. With approval rates plummeting, congressional fiascoes and lack of leadership all too evident, former GOP fundraiser jumping ship, etc... We need to take a good hard look at ourselves and figure out what is going on.


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