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Monday, August 27, 2007
posted by Kyle Hampton | 12:19 PM | permalink
- Patrick Ruffini (formerly with Giuliani’s campaign) says the time is now to attack Romney:
Why? Look at the RCP chart. Romney’s growth nationally has been steady-as-she-goes, without the ups and downs that characterize a mature base of support. (It kind of reminds me of Dean’s growth in 2003.) His rise in IA and NH has been dizzying and remarkable...
- Bruce Bartlett explains the FairTax and shows why it is both deceiving and impractical:
In reality, the FairTax rate is not 23%...If a product costs $1 at retail, the FairTax adds 30%, for a total of $1.30. Since the 30-cent tax is 23% of $1.30, FairTax supporters say the rate is 23% rather than 30%.
- More staff turnover at the Thompson not-quite-campaign. Dean Barnett says the wheels are coming off:
Here’s my big concern about Fred: I’m very worried about entrusting the most complex CEO job in the world to someone or anyone who’s never run anything bigger than a six person law firm. Thompson has no executive experience, and it shows in the way he’s run his campaign. The indecision, the lack of direction, the organizational incoherence – these are hallmarks of a rookie CEO.
- Much has been made of the different assessments given by the Club for Growth to Mitt and Rudy. The NY Times has a story out questioning Rudy’s fiscal discipline:
In fact, Mr. Giuliani left his successor, Michael R. Bloomberg, with a bigger deficit than the one Mr. Giuliani had to deal with when he arrived in 1994. And that deficit would have been large even if the city had not been attacked on Sept. 11, 2001.


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Bruce Bartlett is 100% wrong about the Fairtax. I'm surprised and saddened that you linked to his lies and demagoguery about it.


Please back up your claim w/data and analysis refuting Bartlett's specific claims. If you don't, I must assume you are wrong. If he is 100% wrong (as you claim), refutation should be easy.

Bartlett's article seemed very professional and informed. The trickery of the fair tax people (calling 30% 23%) is despicable.

I am not an expert on fair tax. In fact, I've read only half a dozen articles about it. However, it seems to me that the fair tax people have an unreasonably sunny approach about their proposed system. While sales tax may be easier to monitor than income tax, a federal agency would be necessary. Also, there are very real problems w/the fair tax plan that fair tax people seem to avoid: what about the new/used home markets? What about the proportionally negative impact sales tax has on the poor?

It seems silly to think you could start up a new taxing system w/o having any major kinks. We've been playing w/income tax for over 100 years and we discover new problems every year. Sales tax will surely have similar issues. The way it is presented just seems naive. Then again, maybe I'm naive. If I am, please give me a substantive critique.

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