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Tuesday, August 28, 2007
posted by Anonymous | 2:30 PM | permalink
I only speak for myself when I say the following, so please don't attribute it to anyone else.

You know every campaign has someone associated with it, sometimes direct, sometimes tertiary, who is not who they seem to be. Apparently Senator Larry Craig is one of those people. The Romney camp is now distancing themselves from him, for obvious reasons.

This is a disgusting situation. The Senator does not have a leg to stand on here. I have read lots of police reports detailing similar offenses. He can try and claim he should have handled his plea deal differently, but frankly, I think he was more concerned about having a trial where he would have been humiliated even more publicly than he now is.

Senator Craig should resign his position in the United States Senate. Americans deserve better than hypocrisy. Of course, his actions have nothing to do with the why Mitt Romney is the best candidate to be President, but I wanted to express my opinion about the Senator's future. If he doesn't resign, than the voters of Idaho should vote him out, but that is their decision.

Romney had this to say:
"Once again, we've found people in Washington have not lived up to the level of respect and dignity that we would expect for somebody that gets elected to a position of high influence. Very disappointing. He's no longer associated with my campaign, as you can imagine... I'm sorry to see that he has fallen short."

"I think it reminds us of Mark Foley and Bill Clinton. I think it reminds us of the fact that people who are elected to public office continue to disappoint, and they somehow think that if they vote the right way on issues of significance or they can speak a good game, that we'll just forgive and forget. And the truth of the matter is, the most important thing we expect from elected--an elected official is a level of dignity and character that we can point to for our kids and our grandkids, and say, `Hey, someday I hope you grow up and you're someone like that person.' And we've seen disappointment in the White House, we've seen it in the Senate, we've seen it in Congress. And frankly, it's disgusting."

Thank you future President Romney. Difference between Republicans and Democrats. We don't uphold this type of behavior.
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Look at all the idiot comentators on the linked site saying Bill Clinton is not "as bad" as Foley and Craig.
Romney was speaking of AMORALITY, and they are all amoral acts.

By Anonymous GeorgiaMom, at August 28, 2007 at 7:55 PM  

As for the Bill-Craig comparisons... Let's not forget what Craig did--tried to have a homosexual encounter. We know Bill is an adulterer. If you brand Craig w/all unproven claims against him (sex w/pages, oral sex in 2004) you should also tag Bill w/multiple counts of rape, sexual harassment, adultery and possibly murder. Which is worse? Who cares. They are both deeply troubling and are some of the most obvious examples of immoral behavior in American political history. Mentioning them together is appropriate.

Romney is the man we need. How great will it be to have competent leadership and a good example at the same time!?

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