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Tuesday, August 21, 2007
posted by Devon Murphy | 11:09 PM | permalink
Ramesh Ponnuru at The Corner this evening:

So I finally read Wayne Barrett's Giuliani takedown in the Village Voice (I linked to it a while ago). It goes through Giuliani's five big lies about 9/11. The first three are, if true, pretty devastating. It appears that Barrett's reporting was pretty meticulous. But he does have an axe to grind —see this Barrett hit on Giuliani's personal life, for example—so I'm not sure whether he is leaving anything out that exculpates Giuliani.

Having thus far read through the first three (out of five) topics, and even keeping in mind that there is no love lost between Barrett and the former Mayor, devastating is exactly the word I would choose for it. It will be interesting to see whether Team Giuliani addresses these concerns head on, or hopes they can worry about it after the GOP primary.

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Why should you, Devan, be surprised? If any one of us really look at Rudy's experiences with terrorism -- I mean, REALLY look at it, he has nothing, null, zero experience. 9/11 happened. Rudy went around comforting families, cheering heros on, gave hope to Americans after that terrible day. Then 4 months later, he stepped down as a mayor when his term is completed. Since then, he served on the Iraq Commission for a short time before he dropped out. What else has he done? He has been busy recovering from his cancer, going around talking about his 9/11 experiences, which is more of recovery experience (Katrina kind of recovery) and ... Again, nothing to do with terrorists. Let's see what we have with Mitt. He implemented the world class security in 5 months (from 9/11 until Winter Olympics. He served on homeland security committees under President Bush and with Republican Governors Association. He also implemented the bio-hazard response system in Mass, which was ranked the best. He travelled to Israel, Iraq, and a few Asia countries to study the conflict up close.

Right you are, SGS. On all counts.

I did find Barrett's article informative for the level of detail it went into rebutting Rudy's efforts to pad his terrorism resume. Unfortunately, I wonder if anything more than a few sound bites long has the ability to get national attention...especially when it is the lazy man's conventional wisdom that Rudy is unmatched on the issue of terrorism.

Feel free to email me at devon dot murphy at gmail.

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