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Tuesday, July 24, 2007
posted by Timotheus | 3:22 PM | permalink

Students for Saving Social Security has a video I just found of a question about Social Security at an Ask mitt Anything event back in June. Romney thinks private accounts are a good idea but, like he said in the Pajamas Media video linked to below, the Democrats will try and scare everyone.

The best part of the video is Romney explaining why it is better for the free market to be spending money than for the govrenment to be spending it. Hence, higher taxes are bad for growth. Typically, pro-government spending people argue that whether the government is taxing and spending money or private individuals are spending it, the money is still being pumped into the economy and has the same effect. Romney seems to be making a pretty sophisticated allocation of resources argument that I found very appealing. I guess it pays to have Glenn Hubbard on your team.
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