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Friday, February 9, 2007
posted by jason | 10:34 PM | permalink
This from Instapunk:
Mormonism is the most absurd form of Christianity by, say, a million parsecs, and I, personally, am getting tired of American conservatives who believe the American people can be sold a bill of goods on the say-so of well connected (Look at me being influential!) bloggers.

I'll say what no one else will at this point: Mormons are untrustable idiots
Sorry. Truth time. Mitt Romney will never be president. He's a Mormon. Therefore he's a loon, regardless of how blazingly intelligent you have to be to make a half billion dollars in this country. The American people aren't going to buy this particular pig in this particular poke.
Now for an excercise, Lets take out all the times it says Mormon and insert Jew, Muslim or Black. Would this guy still have a blog? You probably would assume he wore a white sheet and hood and rode around on a horse.

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Why are you putting something a 9th grader with a super-ego wrote on his cruddy website onto your website?

Same reason Dean Barnett did? Sorry Dean forgot the Hat Tip.

The fact of the matter is that if Person A seriously believes that Person B is in some sort of cult, that Person A would actually be quite stupid if Person A voted for or supported Person B. Using the pejorative definition of the word cult, one comes to see a group of people who are completely under the mind control of someone or something. This usually comes in the form of a charismatic individual, and this individual’s followers would do anything for their leader. They would not allow any sense of reason to prove anything that the charismatic leader says to be wrong, no matter how obviously false it might be.

My point is that any adherent to this type of cult would be too impressionable and easily controlled to have any real position of power with the general public. Imagine some person who survived from drinking the Kool-Aid in Jonestown coming back and running for President. We all know that this was a verifiable cult, and if a person had followed this cult even to the point of almost killing him or herself for this cult and its leader, then this person probably would not be stable enough to be the President of the United States. How about a follower of the Heaven’s Gate Cult, who survived and still believed in its tenets, running for President? The rest of his or her co-“religionists” are dead, but this person believes that he or she could make a good President. Well, to be honest, I think that I’d automatically disqualify either of these people from getting my vote, and I’d probably tell all of my family and friends not to vote for either person as well. And if anybody asked me why not to vote for said candidate, I would probably tell them, “Well, that person is in a member of the Heaven’s Gate Cult” or “that person was involved in Jonestown and still believes in it.”

So, to say it clearly, if a person seriously believes that Mormonism should be classified as the pejorative type of cult and knowing that Mitt Romney is a follower of this “cult” still votes for him, that person would be a moron just like voting for the surviving Heaven’s Gate guy still clad in his jumpsuit and Nikes would be moronic. Being in a cult of the derogatory type that Instapunk believes Romney is in should disqualify any candidate from receiving electoral support.

The real question here is: What is a cult in this sense and does Mormonism really qualify as a cult in a way that makes it more of a danger to vote for a Mormon than perhaps a Catholic (which some consider to be a cult) a Protestant (ditto to the hundreds of possible cults under this label) or a Jew (which some others consider to be a cult) or any kinds of religions at all, which all could be considered to be cults by somebody out there? In reality, Instapunk only has four options here: 1: be a moron and vote for someone he thinks is in a cult; 2: don’t vote for Romney because he thinks that Romney is in a cult; 3: vote for Romney after reevaluating his definition of cult so that Mormonism would no longer fall in this negative category; or 4: get with the program and stop being such a bigot about a religion that is hardly any weirder or cultish than whatever religion or lack thereof that Instapunk practices.

The reason why I even respond to this entire thing is because this is something that has only begun and will only get worse. I get so angry when I see movies making fun of Omish people, because I know that devout Omish don’t even watch movies, so they can’t defend themselves. Or I get angry when I hear about someone who attacks a Catholic for opposing abortion and the death penalty. There has to be some religious belief or practice from every single religion in the world is going to be somewhat weird to somebody. Even if there was a “Church of No Weird Beliefs and Practices”, that church would be weird just because it thinks it is so necessary to be normal that it doesn’t do anything strange at all. Now that would really be weird. Instapunk, I’d almost call that a cult.

Justin, Just got MMM blog rolled as you well deserve.


(Full disclosure...I am a devout Mormon)

Very insightful comments by I agree that if someone thinks Mormonism is a cult, they should not vote for a Mormon, based on the arguments set forth. I think the point of the original post is that the hateful tone of the Instapunk blog lends you to believe that he/she is more of a bigot, rather than having a clearly thought-out rationale for not liking Mormons, and thinking they are distrustful.

In my personal experience, I have found that many people find Mormons to be, on average, more trustful than general public at large. This is more from a business-world perspective. This has come from personal comments made to me by several people over the years.

The truth is, when taken in the context of controlling the country through the political process, Mormon teachings are probably less "cultish" than many other religions. The Mormon Church has never tried, from what I know, to significantly influence the national political process, except when it comes to issues of what are considered moral in nature (abortion, same-sex marriage, etc). In fact, many other churches has been MUCH MORE influential and public in trying to sway the political process.

I know that in many other Christian churches, the Pastors, Priests, and other leaders often preach their political beliefs from the pulpit. They have that right, and I applaud them for that. However, in an LDS church, that would never be condoned. I have seen it happen once or twice, but each time the Bishop immediately (with care and tact) reminded the members that the church does not impose a political doctrine on them, and that they should participate in the political process as they see fit.

The church is often asked to allow buildings to be used for political discussions. These requests are always rejected.

Further, comparing the Mormon "cult" to Heaven's gate, or any other movement is a stretch at best, as we are never administered drugs, never threatened with our lives, never encouraged to isolate ourselves from people of other faiths.

We are however, prompted to do all we can to support the teachings of Jesus Christ, and bring others to a realization that Christ is our personal savior, and only through him can we be saved and return to live for eternity with our Father in Heaven. There are doctrinal differences between Mormons and Other faiths, but this is not the forum to discuss those. What can be said, however, is one doctrine that is NOT true. Mormons are not trying to take over the U.S. by having one of its members run for president. The congress, the senate, the judiciary branch, and all of the American people would never let that happen. And that is the way it should be...the way the constitution set it up to be.

I don't think we should give this guy a forum for his hate speech.

I would challenge Jason to find out more about Mormonism. It is quite evident from his comments, that he has been grossly misinformed. Mormons are indeed Christians, and NOT a cult. When JFK ran for President, did anyone accuse the Catholics of wanting to take over the country? Of course not... Jason is obviously uneducated about Mormonism, and even more obviously full of hate. Mormonism is no threat to this country, but quite the opposite, a great asset.


I assume you meant the guy from Instapunk and not me. I was quoting him to show how ludicrous he was.


Jason is not the culprit, it is that punkhead who has thought how knowledgeable he is about Mormonism and unfavorably making side comments of that religion. By the way, as the name implies,... INSTAPUNK, it has a description of a human being who has a brain smaller than the size of an anchovish fish and a behavior fit for mental asylum. What a mess to the normal society!

I think Mormons have nothing to worry about. They get some pretty begrudging backhanded compliments on their defense of theology and history from evangelical scholars who slam their own colleagues' ignorance. Google on:

"Mormon Scholarship, Apologetics, and Evangelical Neglect: Losing the Battle and Not Knowing It?". Trinity Journal Fall '98, p179-205.

Let's move one and figure out how to get this nation back on track. Mitt seems to be the leader everyone can get behind.

I can’t believe the lack of outrage by the mainstream media and other ‘rights’ groups. It is ridiculous that in a politically correct age an obscure "Macaca" comment can derail George Allen, yet all the outright bigotry toward Mitt Romney’s faith goes not only unchecked, but is further perpetuated by media outlets like the New York Times, etc. Unbelievable!

Together, we can find the truth…

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