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Friday, February 9, 2007
posted by Jeff Fuller | 9:53 PM | permalink
mitt romney, mitt romney for president David Brody at CBN Asks: Who's the most maligned candidate? (in the GOP field) . . . see his answer below.
I must admit, I thought Rudy Giuliani, because of his liberal social values, would be the run away winner as the guy who comes under the most criticism from conservative Republicans in the buildup towards 2008. That still may happen but he's not the most maligned right now.

I thought John McCain may suffer too yet so far nothing urgent there either. People will go after him. It's coming but it hasn't galvanized yet.

The winner here, as of February 2007 (unfortunately for him) is Mitt Romney. It seems like everybody is going after him. His opponents are determined to paint him as a flip flopper on almost every issue from campaign finance reform, to taxes, to abortion, to marriage.
What does Brody think is the reasoning behind this?
Here's what I think is really going on. Romney's critics are concerned. They know he could immediately morph into the front runner here. Let's face it. He looks like a President, talks like a President, has been raising tons of money, collecting key endorsements and is running his campaign in a very professional way with competent people who know what they're doing. He's looked Presidential from the start and his opponents know it. They figure they must take him down early. They want to have him lose control of his image. Let's remember here: Americans, for the most part, don't really pay attention to the particulars of issues. So Romney's critics are going to try and paint him as this flip flopper and hope it sticks. If it does, he's in trouble. Romney’s challenge will be to calmly, easily explain this away without losing his cool or seeming so defensive. He'll need to take a page from Ronald Reagan's playbook and poke a little fun at himself and not take this all so seriously. It's challenging but what's a race without a challenge.
David Brody's pretty much spot on with this one. He realizes that there is a fury of oppostion to Mitt's surge. He's got half of the reason for why Romney is being maligned (competitors are scared), but, I would think that, as a reporter for the Christian Broadcasting Network, he would realize as well that the "anti-Romney rhetoric" might be elevated within his circles because of Romney's religious affiliation.

It may not be PC to say this, but people who don't want a Mormon POTUS won't say "Don't vote for him because he's Mormon" . . . they'll just overblow the few weaknesses that Romney has to a painfully disproportionate level. Other opposing candidate campaigns will fan these flames as well. It's gotten ugly already, but Brody's right that it will shift into a new gear over the next few months.

Am I wrong here?

Jeff Fuller

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I think you and Brody are spot on.

Of course you are right. The question is how right are you? How big of a factor is it? Is it worth talking about? I would assume that you are right, and to the degree that it is worth talking about.

If you spit in the ocean, the ocean level will rise, but not by very much.

It is the same way that Al Gore is right, in the sense that of course mankind is causing the temperature to change, but by how much? Is it 1000th of a degree or a few degrees?

Anyways, I think you are right and it might be a factor in many of the random blogs on line, but less so in the more responsible blogs.

I think you are wrong and CBN is right. Stop being so sensitive about your religion. If religion was the reason people are attacking Romney, then they would attack his religion directly.

The reason why Mitt is always maligned because among the candidates, he is the most qualified. DNC is hellbent to apply every effort, lies and dirty tactics just to stop Mitt from running. And yet, Mit is seemed becoming tougher and tougher when those old issues of flip-flopping is thrown at him.

The forecast: the one who survives the most attacks today will be the one who receives much favor in the future. And this is true to Mitt, he's gaining momentum everyday and his record is consistent proving his absolute potential for POTUS.

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