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Thursday, February 15, 2007
posted by Justin Hart | 8:07 AM | permalink
Cross-posted at RedState

You may have seen the absurdly political hit-piece by the National Jewish Democratic Council on Mitt Romney this week. Serious commentators like Jonah Goldberg have made some appropriate comments but everyone admits the NJDC was out to purposely harm Romney a day before his announcement for the Presidential race.

Not to be outdone, Jennifer Rubin, writing for ABCNews online, levels her sites at Romney and the entire GOP and asks "why don't more Jewish people vote Republican?" She concludes:
In short, the Republicans are not just our kind of people, many Jews say. They don't sound like us, they don't talk like us and they don't understand us.
This is an absurd channeling of all American Jews. But she's not done yet with fictional hypotheticals:
Indeed, the incident may say something not only about Romney but about the GOP's problem with Jews. In his boatload of advisers, Romney apparently did not have anyone to say, "You know, a lot of Jews really hate Ford, and it might mess up your message. Let's try Edison's lab to make a point about American innovation.
Lucky for Romney he wouldn't have had to change venues at all. You see Jen, Edison's Lab was actually taken down and moved to a museum.

The Henry Ford Museum!

Of course, there was plenty of precedent for the Ford Museum. George Bush Sr. and Robert Dole both held campaign events at the museum. Even Rudy Giuliani appeared there at a 2006 fundraiser.

Perhaps Jennifer took issue with this excerpt from Romney's speech:
"Henry Ford - a small entrepreneur - once said that the best Americans were those with 'an infinite capacity to not know what can't be done.' We honor today those kinds of Americans, testament to the power of enterprise and the strength of the human spirit."
Ooops... my mistake - that wasn't Mitt it was Bill Clinton in 1999.

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The National Jewish Democratic Council's opposition to anti-Semitism ends where the branch of the Democratic Party begins, as shown by its participation in the attempted whitewash of the Action Forum hate speech scandal last year.

Anything that Henry Ford published about Jews (which he later retracted) pales in comparison to MoveOn Action Forum's blood libels of Jews and Evangelical Christians, along with hate speech and contempt for Catholics and prominent African-American "house slaves."

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