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Wednesday, February 14, 2007
posted by jason | 5:48 PM | permalink
I was making the net rounds the other day and ran accross an Anti-Romney piece at "Students for Brownback" (go visit them, they need the traffic). I thought there was an interesting theme to there site. Currently on their front page they have 10 pieces. & of them are directly concerning Mitt Romney. One of them is a decidedly anti-mormon hit piece. Not a single post on anything that talks about Brownback himself.

Look, we all know Brownback is a lousy candidate. He has no support except for some single issue voters, and he's amnesty loving, pro-pork, no exectutive experience, lies about his flip, soft on gay adoption and soft on the GWOT. That's true. We all know Brownback, Huckabee and Thompson are like lead ballons on a windy day- ain't going anywhere. But why the seemingly infatuation with my man Mitt?

C'mon S4B! You have to have something about your candidate that is noteworthy!


Students for Brownback have taken the time to thank us for the increased traffic, must have made a dent!

One point, site owner Billy decides to knock on us for not having nearly as many people vote for the GOP poll as his site, 1/3 to be exact. Now here is where Billy the student gets a lesson:

Now Billy, we have had our poll post up for 2 hours, you have had yours up for 2 days. If we can get 1/3 of the traffic as you in 2 hours that you got in two days, that doesn't sound too good for your site. But your twisting of facts is nothing new for the Brownback camp.

BTW, we haven't had any traffic from your site yet. Does anyone visit your site other than Romney supporters? You're 8/10 for Romney posts on your front page now. Romney appreciates your help.
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Yep. Those students for Brownback are in need of an education.

Sam Brownback is a joke and he's flailing desperately at Mitt. Judging by his website he must consider the New Homestead Act to be of more importance to GOP voters than immigration. No big mystery as to why he wouldn't mention that debacle. He doesn't have strong or clear positions on foreign policy either, and that tends to be somewhat of a big issue nowadays.

I say let them keep at it. Romney could use the added press. According to a poll released yesterday 70% of Americans have yet to hear about Romney. That has to change soon. Giulianii is gaining a lot of steam in the MSM. Somehow the Romney camp needs to get the same kind of coverage. Perhaps when he gives his Kennedyesque speach on his faith the MSM will pick it up. Here's to hoping.

I went to S4B to check out their site. I left a comment that went a little something like this:
"So. . .not much info about Brownback around here. Why don't you call the site 'Students Against Romney,' as that seems a more accurate description. Seriously, where there's smoke, there's fire. Romney must be doing something right to garner all this criticism, and his opponents are running scared b/c they know he's on to something big. Sam. . .who?"
Needless to say my comment was not published this morning :).

Interesting. It seems my comments (not slam pieces by the way) are not getting posted to their blog.

You can tell a lot about a blog when they won't post the comments of someone supporting another candidate.

Now I've heard of Romney, but who's Sam Brownback?

I also left a comment that was critical of Brownback. No post was found later when I migrated back. They don't seem overly open to all points of view.

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