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Tuesday, February 27, 2007
posted by jason | 9:52 AM | permalink
Rep. Pete Hoekstra spoke to a small crowd in IA on behalf of Romney.
On abortion in particular, Hoekstra outlined what he and Romney believe: merely passing laws banning the practice is a dead end.

“You cannot just be about focusing on making it more difficult to get an abortion – it’s a much broader concept,” Hoekstra said, highlighting policies to fund adoption as a viable alternative. Link
A wonderful comment- fighting abortion is wider concept, wider than judges I submit. Guiliani has squeaked by thus far with his "I will elect judges like Roberts and Alito." Many are blindly presuming that this is all a president can do with Socon principles in general. It's the only way a SoCon could support Guiliani in a primary.

If a president really cares about fighting legalized abortion he can do a multitude of things such as increasing funding for adoption services (as Hoekstra noted), vetoing bills from a democratic congress that liberalize abortion laws even more, push for parental notification laws, push for laws making it illegal to transport minors across state lines for abortions, and using the bully pulpit to make the case on a regular basis. He can also fight against over the counter abortives, something our current president has failed us on.

A President who makes SoCon issues a top priority will veto embryonic stem cell legislation, cloning legislation, and will fight for marriage amendments on the national level and will lend his support on the state level. Romney will fight the cultur war with us.

I ask you this: Will Guiliani fight this fight?

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