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Saturday, February 10, 2007
posted by jason | 2:42 PM | permalink

The changes are endless. Last night I took the time to ask my music students what do they do on the computer? Without fail, they all responded IM. Myspaces is for kids, Facebook is for college kids. They all love to text message but are limited due tot he cost. When I was kid we called up girls we liked and hung up the phone when they answered, usually 20 times in a row. It worked wonders. It was defintly the only technology for 6th graders at Newhart Elementary School in Mission Viejo.

When I was a kid my Dad was on the forefront of computer technolgy. He had funny little box the he put the phone reciever on and he could connect to other computers. Then he bought an Amiga, I remember how shocked I was when he got an animated ball to bounce around on the screen.

I remember telling my friend in 1994 at college how silly email was, and that you should just send a letter in the mail. Now email is so 2005. I told my wife in 2000 when I was dating her that cell phones were lame. Now I don't even have a home phone and I check my emails most of the time on my cell phone.

Where will this tae us? Who knows. I really believe that as far as political campagins go, 2008 will be a pioneering year. We already see Romney breaking online records, some awesome sites by Romney and Edwards, and huge movements of people on Facebook. The next 2 years are going to be interesting.
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