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Thursday, January 11, 2007
posted by jason | 11:55 AM | permalink

From Hewitt:

"Romney's push-back at the YouTubing of his '94 debate with Ted Kennedy – happening in rapid response fashion – means an entire news cycle on a somewhat significant story has played out before even one newspaper reported it, with the anti-Romney forces (clearly worried about the big $ Monday and the DeMint Tuesday) trying to put a stick in the spokes, and Romney's team finding a way to knock it down in the same cycle. That's a preview of what it will be like all year."

From Barnett:

"You'll be saying it too by the end of the campaign – Romney is Smarter Than The Average Bear."


Hedgehog has an interesting take on Romney's Media innovations:

In today's mail I had a very traditional package from John McCain-- you've seen them: A too-long letter auto-signed by McCain and enclosing a bunch of additional pages. No one will ever read past the first few lines of the letter and the extra pages will go into the trash unread.

My wife asked me: "Now, how many mailings like this have we gotten from Romney? And do you think we will get any?"

I say what actually stands out the most was that Romney took an other wise negative situation and quickly framed it into a discussion of how innovative he is. Most aren't talking about the content of the debate video, everyone is talking about how quick, nimble, articulate, innovative and Techy Mitt's campaign has become.

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