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Thursday, January 11, 2007
posted by jason | 7:48 AM | permalink
From GOP Bloggers:

John McCain's appears to be the smallest site. A black and white design with links to donate, sign up, a bio, as well as a few speeches and a statement on the death of President Ford. In other words, a low maintance site.

Rudy Giuliani's is a step up from McCain's. For starters, it has color, but also includes a page explaining his record on various issues, and an extensive biography. Still, it's only a fair site.

Sam Brownback's is a bit better in regards to content offered, but is poorly designed and very unnattractive and the news room section hasn't been updated since December 4, 2006. It makes me feel like the site was launched out of obligation, but quickly forgotten.

Mitt Romney's is by the most elaborate and attractive site, and it's updated regularly. It's got color, style, and even a page outlining his positions on key issues. It has a media page (MittTV) with plenty of videos for you to view, and an impressive mechanism for key fundraisers to login via the ComMITT system.

Yes, looking around at sites a few days ago these were also my opinions. I am glad it wasn't just my own bias peeking through. It gets better though:

Each candidate certainly knows the importance of using the internet to get their message out and to build up grassroots support, but if the candidates exploratory committee websites are any indication of their campaign's real understanding of that importance, Romney is way ahead of the competition. Romney's exploratory committee shows the most potential to effectively engage the internet grassroots. In fact, he was the first to start a BlogAd campaign (to my knowledge), probably prompting Rudy Guiliani to follow suit.

Early grassroots support is key, which means the time to engage the bloggers is now. From the looks of things today, Romney's positioned himself the best of any of the current candidates who have set up exploratory committees.

Another point in Romney's favor is all the great unofficial grassroots sites set up in support of Romney. When you have people doing it on their own accord for free, it's really quite a statement. Check out our links section out, you will see how big the grassroots movement is.
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