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Sunday, June 14, 2009
posted by Rob Watson | 1:14 AM | permalink
In Tonga, for quite some time before and during the 1960s, there was a "custom", somewhat involuntarily adhered to by the locals, of trading their daughters to British officials for alcohol, money, cigarrettes, or, occasionally, the true necessities of life.  Selling the virginity of their young daughters was an abhorrent practice, to be sure, but one some of the more desperate (and ostensibly foolish) Tongans felt to be a necessary evil in order to survive their poverty. 

Other times, ships full of European sailors, smugglers, and pirates would come aground and ply local Tongan girls to their boats with promises of riches and adventure far away from the isolation of the Polynesian islands.  Tongan girls in the 1950s undoubtedly felt eager to experience the excitement they had heard the outside world offered.  All these young women had to do was "get on the boat and go".  To their utter and bitter disappointment, the men only used them as sex toys and then tossed them back onto the shore like so much driftwood. 

This spirit of moral fuzziness, gluttony, and human trafficking has come to Chicagoland in the form of the 2nd annual "Girls Gone Wild" event at Blarney Island on Petite Lake.  A busload of "Girls" arrived during the afternoon of June 13th to begin the ferry voyage to the island.  The purpose of the trip?  To be photographed for the world's leading so-called "soft porn" video production company by the same name.

You see, the culture today tells women that they can they be firefighters, police officers, doctors, CEOs, and even presidential candidates.  The culture also nods approvingly to the idea that young women can have the distinction of becoming potential multi-millionaire sex goddesses for drooling, overweight, balding, married men, all of whom have a conscience score at or below zero. 

All our Chicago area girls needed to do was show up, sign away their privacy and dignity, get on the bus, go to Blarney Island, and be photographed wearing nothing (or next to it).  Then, they will eagerly wait in anticipation to be judged sexually appealing enough to make the final cut.  If they're "lucky", they'll gain fame and fortune the world over and become overnight porn sensations!  I'm sure apology notes will be sent to the "losers" of this so-called contest because they weren't buxom or "wild" enough to win.  The "bright" side is that runners up will also become "overnight" porn "sensations" of a somewhat different kind.  The "losers'" photos will be found, without compensation to them even, all over the Internet, uploaded and downloaded by overweight, balding, hairybacked, married men, all surfing for porn on the Internet at night while their wives and children sleep.

Good luck with those CEO job interviews or political campaigns after the party, Wild Girls.

Doesn't GGW have a right under the First Amendement to be driving a billboard bus filled with and plastered with pictures of mostly naked, barely legal girls through the residential and business districts of our towns and communities?  Sadly, the culture exclaims, "Yes!".  Though, contrary to the historically revisionist, morally relative presentism of today, the Founding Fathers would have found this sort of thing breathtakingly outrageous and appalling. 

Do oversexed men have the absolute right to choose to crowd by the thousands to the boat launches and piers, zip across the lake in gas-guzzling, noisy boats, clamber onto the shore and do at Blarney Island, uh, whatever it is they're thinking might happen in their wildest dreams?  I just threw up in my mouth a little at writing that, but, yes, they do.

So what's the problem?  Isn't this just manufactured outrage on my part?  Aren't I just a Bible-thumping slightly overweight, hairybacked, right-wing nutjob moralist who, given the chance and a good alibi, might just sneak out on my wife and kids and do the exact same thing?  To the first part (believing what the New Testament says about adultery, having witnessed its true consequences, and being slightly overweight and hairybacked), I exclaim, "Yes!" 

The answer to the second part, my being a nutjob and a closet cheater, is a resounding "No!" 

First of all, nutjobs are people like leftist white supremacist assassin John von Brunn, who have lost all control over themselves and don't care about the consequences their actions bring to others.  Second, this is going on smack dab in my neighborhood as I write this. My wife is out for the afternoon and most of the evening.  If I were a nutjob, I could hire a babysitter to cover my fatherly obligations while I hop on over to Blarney Island.  I choose not to, thank goodness, because (unlike the nutjobs down on the lake right now) I'm still master of my own domain.

But, the real point here is not to be lost in the thick of all the issues about America being a free country.  No, the real point is this:  These young women, however much they're accountable for making their own decisions, are the daughters and sisters of American fathers and brothers.  They are beloved daughters and sisters of men who, under different circumstances where unscrupulous males (can't call them "men" in any true sense) might attempt to take advantage of their offsprings' or siblings' naivete, would stomp those scumbags into the ground.  Instead, they're beating feet to look at other mens' daughters and sisters, braying as they go, only to leave like the boys who, as in Pinocchio, turned into jackasses upon gorging themselves on Pleasure Island.

It's not hurting anyone?  Victimless crime?  Tell that to the millions of children and "barely legal" teenage girls worldwide who fall prey to this scam every day, in all its nefarious and disturbing forms, both here and abroad.

We cannot blame the President, who a little over half of America's hapless hopeandchangers have put into office.  No, he wouldn't do anything about this anyways, judging by his pick of child porn defense attorney David Ogden for Deputy Attorney General.  We also cannot blame Congress, the Senate, the Governor, or our state legislators (need I say more?).  Nay, we cannot even blame the Mayor, the sheriff's office, local police authorities, or city councils.

We can only look into the mirror and blame ourselves for permitting this outrageous act of prostitution and depravity in our community.  Our timid silence is our resounding consent to the rape of the dignity and self-esteem of our community's daughters and sisters.  Next year, stand up and be counted.  As but one man, to all men I say: Be real men and demand that "Girls Gone Wild" take its "business" elsewhere.
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I wanted Mitt Romney to win the last election and I do hope he will run again. John McCann would have been a tragedy just like Obama is.

Mr. Romney, you have my vote. Go for it.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at June 15, 2009 at 8:16 PM  

I want you for at least VP. Well said. So true. I'm so sick of the perversions targeting our young American women.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at June 18, 2009 at 3:31 PM  

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