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Tuesday, May 26, 2009
posted by My Klob | 10:58 PM | permalink
I saw this image, where a soccer mom asks Obama, "I thought you were getting a Hybrid?" Obama is driving a giant SUV that says "Big Gov". I compare what Obama is doing with the government, to what Romney would have done.

Here is a quote:
Romney took more than skills and knowledge away from Bain; he also acquired a way of thinking, a Weltanschauung—call it the Bain world view. He sees waste and inefficiency in almost moral terms; in fact, his crusade against inefficiency is practically a governing philosophy. "Government inefficiency wastes resources and places a burden on citizens and employers that's harmful to our future," he told me. "And anytime I see waste, or patronage, it bothers me." 

Now compare that to Obama.


Romney is the best candidate to handle our massive problems.

Reasons to agree

  1. Romney ran businesses (Bain Capital and Bain Consulting) that purchased poorly ran companies and turned them around.
  2. Barack Obama is running the country poorly.
  3. The country will need a massive turnaround in 2012.
The inefficiencies of the internal combustion engine are nothing compared to the waste of energy that big bureaucracies produce. 
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