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Sunday, February 3, 2008
posted by Devon Murphy | 2:47 AM | permalink
All McCain’s straight talk is going to get him into trouble.

First we have multiple instances where McCain openly acknowledged a deficiency on his part with regards to an understanding of the economy. “The issue of economics is not something I’ve understood as well as I should."

Now McCain gives us a little more straight talk…apparently while campaigning in South Carolina he told reporters on his bus that “It’s not social issues I care about.” (HT to Anne Leary)

Everyone got that? He doesn’t understand economics, and he doesn’t care about social policy. Should anyone be surprised at the push-back McCain is getting from real conservatives like Michael Reagan?


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It's funny how the LA Times has come out and endorsed McCain since they haven't endorsed anyone for President since 1972.Almost sounds like an act of desperation on the MSM's part.Hopefully it will backfire since Republicans in the state despise the paper so much. But the media hasn't thought this thing out very much. If they want attention and ratings during the general election cycle they would have been a lot better off with Mitt as the GOP candidate. Since McCain and the Dems agree on so much the general could be a real snoozer ratings wise.I know I'll be switching my TV when I see Mccain and his forked tongued express comes on :)

Yeah, and did you see the new AP poll out today in California? McCain ahead 32 to 24..... If McCain wins the Rep Nom, I will be off the hook for the next 9 months. I won't pay any attention to politics. No diff between Hill, Barak and Mc. Boring...

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