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Saturday, February 2, 2008
posted by Beth Barnat | 7:01 PM | permalink
"Never give in -- never, never, never, never, in nothing great or small, large or petty, never give in except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy."

-- Winston Churchill, 29 October 1941

As I was searching through the blogosphere today, in hopes of finding some inspiration and comfort in this troubling time for conservatives, I found the following comment in response to an article in Human Events. You can read the entire article here:

I will post the comment in its entirety because it so perfectly mirrored the feelings I have had in the last week or two. This comment is by Bill from California and was posted on Feb 01, 2008 @ 03:52 PM.

"I will not vote for John McCain who will permanently destroy the Republican party. He has spent the last 8 year betraying and undermining the Republican party while pandering to the liberal left. I would rather have a Democrat win and finally take the blame for this mess that we're sinking into. After 4 years, when the economy has tanked, when the dollar is worth nothing, when socialism has completely overtaken our economy and ground it to a halt, when social security has gone completely bankrupt, when the economic strain has undermined our military to the point where we are weak, when liberals have eroded the conservative values to the point of complete moral decay, only then will we realize the socialistic danger that we have been slipping into. At that point, we will go crawling on our hands and knees to Mitt Romney. And we will beg him to save us from disaster (the way that he saved the Olympics). Only then (when we are desperate for change) will we be willing to "get past" the "religion issue" (honestly, isn't this the REAL issue that has been holding some people back) and accept this intelligent, principled, patriotic, great man. It took Jimmy Carter and the disaster that he brought in order for us to see and accept the greatness of Ronald Reagan. It will probably take a Hillary Clinton or John McCain in office to open the door for recovery (by tearing down this country to the point where people are willing to truly stand behind the values that have made this nation great). But if John McCain destroys our country, Republicans will be blamed.

Romney is correct. Washington is broken. Spending is out of control, liberal judges are writing law, our laws (immigration) are broken without consequence, the deficit is growing while the dollar is falling, gas prices are rising while we become more dependent on foreign oil (even though we have reserves available that we don't tap because of the environmental lobby), etc. The longer we delay fixing these problems, the worse they become. How much pain will it take before we wake up?

Romney will eventually turn the country around at that point. But it will be even harder then than it is now. But this is a man who has accepted and conquered these types of challenges in the past. And he will do it (as he did in Massachusetts) without taking a salary. He'll do it (as he did for the Olympics) because of his personal commitment to public service, and his patriotic zeal for America. And he will do it (as he did in his courageous stand in defending traditional marriage in Massachusetts) while defending the important foundation of the family, and the religious Christian values that founded this great nation, which is the foundation and soul of our society. He will do it because he is a compassionate and patriotic man, and because he is one of the smartest people this world has known."

Fellow conservatives and Romney supporters, we still have time to battle the enemy (the liberal MSM and liberal politicians) who are trying to decide FOR us who are nominee is going to be.

Get on your phones and "Call From Home" for Mitt, talk to everyone you know who is going to be voting on Tuesday and pray!

I'm going to start calling here in California as soon as I post this. Remember, if you are on the East Coast or live in the Midwest, we are three hours behind you so there's till time - it's 4:30 p.m. here.

There is still PLENTY of hope for a Mitt Romney nomination and victory for Conservative Republicans everywhere!

Never give in!


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I feel these same sentiments. This is what I have been thinking.
Today I went to the San Jose California phone bank and made 200 calls to people in Fresno california. The phone bank called 3500 people today. We did good and overall people I called are voting for Mitt.

We each must do our part.

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