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Tuesday, February 5, 2008
posted by Anne | 12:12 AM | permalink
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Why does McCain go the extra mile when it comes to spilling blood and money overseas but apparently doesn't care all that much about OUR borders? The economic terrorism perpetrated on our country's resources by our southern border friends is as real a long term threat as terrorism. It's imploding the country from the inside out. We have to have a choiceon this in Nov. We don't have 41 senators that will stop an amnesty plan this time around and McCain won't care one wit about the backlash.

McCain campaigning in Mass. when Cal. is basically a toss up state just shows the arrogance and hubris of the guy, not to mention classless. These are core character issues something that is supposedly his strength.If Mcain goes on to get the nom,I'm really not going to like Mitt having to get behind him for the sake of the party. The only problem with that is if he doesn't he'll be labelled a sore loser. It will also be a test of Rush and talk radio. It will come down to principle over party and of course principle should win. If i were Mitt in this case,I would just say I'm sorry but I can't endorse someone I don't believe in and then go campaign and fundraise for congresspeople that want him.

Anyway,best of luck today Mitt!!

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