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Saturday, January 19, 2008
posted by Nealie Ride | 7:12 PM | permalink

Thanks to Jeff Fuller for the link.

CNN Exit Polls suggest McCain will take 1st, Huck 2nd, and Mitt finishing with 3rd. Fred's close behind, however, in a split conservative race.

Go here to watch the delegate and overall numbers for SC.

Let's keep our fingers crossed.

Update: With 1% reporting (long way to go, obviously), McCain is way out in front and Mitt has a secure 3rd-place position (leads by 6%--18% to 12% ) over Fred.

What does this do to guaranteed-a-win Huckabee and 4th-place Fred?

Update II: With 39% reporting, Mitt is trailing Fred by 1400 votes. Our man may get 4th. It'll be close.
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Wow,bad news,it looks like just about all the demos favor Mccain. I think the media is holding back declaring the win for McCain to keep people tuned in.So far it looks like Romney has enough distance from Thompson to come in 3rd anyway.

No! Not McCain! :'(

I can already predict tomorrow. Romney will go on Fox news Sunday and announce a $250 billion stimulus plan.Part of it will be to allow folks over 65 working and not paying SS taxes. This will be spun as pandering to the old folks in Fla.

I've never been to South Carolina. But as of today they don't strike me as thinking people. Must be a dynamic there I'm not hip to. Even poor Giuliani getting spanked by Ron Paul.

Somebody on another website said that Romney will have to make up a new kind of medal to describe placing 4th in the Confederacy. He suggested that Romney call it the Copper Medal. I would actually be pretty embarrassed if I were running for President and won in the Confederacy. Go Lincoln! Go Union!

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