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Friday, December 14, 2007
posted by Mike | 8:18 PM | permalink
So there he sits, his Texas Ranger at his side! What was Huckabee afraid of? Did he think that O'Reilly was so mean that he could not show up without Chuck Norris as his body guard? ("There is no chin underneath Norris' beard... there is only another fist!")
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I was so disappointed by the show today. When he announced Laura Ingraham was going to talk about Mike Huckabee, I was really looking forward to it (she really opposes him) but all he asked her about was whether it was right for the Seattle Post Intelligencer to bash him for believing in God. Then he asked her about Bloomberg's immigration comments. Like anyone cares...I wanted her take on Huckabee's immigration comments.

Laura Ingraham's callers on her radio show this morning were sure trashing on Huckabee.

The lead in to Huck's appearance was a diatribe by some lib hack Seattle reporter. The thing is that so far this is the kind of story we have NOT seem by the MSM up until this point.This story is a harbinger of what's to come if Huck got the nomination.A right wing knuckle dragger would be kind compared to the hit peices that would be launched on Huck. The media hates Romney because they can't morph him into Bush.The Dems want to continue to run against Bush, it's the only way they can increase turn out.Healthcare will be the #1 issue the Dems will push to get elected. Mitt has an answer to it that would be more widely accepted because it includes the private sector. On the economy the Dems say to raise taxes..Huh?

My favorite:

Chuck Norris does not get frostbite, Chuck Norris bites frost.

I love how the Chuck Norris endorsement is now THE endorsement to get in the race. Who knew?

The heck with Chuck Norris!!! I want to know who Dog the Bounty Hunter is endorsing! Now THERE'S an opinion worth listening to.....

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