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Friday, December 14, 2007
posted by Kyle Hampton | 10:45 AM | permalink
That's what Mona Charen over at NRO has done. She writes that after "The Speech" she had to reevaluate the Romney candidacy and liked what she saw:
But no one running is more impressive than Mitt Romney. It was his speech on religion in American life that caused me to take another look at him. Until then, I confess that I saw him as a sort of robo-candidate: smooth, articulate, but perhaps a little opportunistic and possibly even insincere. The religion speech cast a new light on him.

After explaining how significant she thought his speech was, she goes on to look again at Romney's accomplishments: top academic acheivements, private sector success, Olyimpic turnaround, successful tenure as governor of Massachusetts, etc. She then concludes:

It is difficult to find any significant weakness in Romney. He is refreshingly articulate, exceedingly well prepared and self-disciplined, clearly an excellent manager with both private and government experience, happily married with a large, supportive family, and well within the mainstream of conservatism on every major issue. His nomination would not divide the base.

He is just the sort of candidate people complain that they never get.

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