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Friday, December 14, 2007
posted by Timotheus | 12:20 AM | permalink
I submitted the following letter in the comments section of Tom Tancredo's Official Blog and also emailed it to his info address.

Dear Tom-

I have always been a fan and I wanted to share a thought with you generally about Mitt Romney. I think you and Romney are alligned in more ways than not. Of the candidates, Romney is probably most aligned with you on immigration issues. Plus, Romney is willing to stand up and take on people who want our country to have open borders or who simply want to provide incentives for people to immigrate here illegally.

In light of this, I respectfully suggest that you should consider endorsing Romney. You are a great asset to our nation and I know that no matter the outcome of this nomination process, you will continue to be a voice for change in America. Your greatest strengths come from your activism, which we will always, hopefully have. Romney's greatest strengths come from his executive experience, which we could use in the White House. Hopefully, we can enjoy both of you working together to solve our immigration problems.

At the debate in Iowa a few days ago, you called out Governor Huckabee over his past views on illegal immigration. You are absolutely right and Romney has been highlighting the same problems with Huckabee's past policy positions on illegal immigration. But Romney is being chalenged in Iowa right now by Huckabee. Romney needs all the support he can get. You could really help him out.

Now, I am just an independant blogger with no connection to the Romney campaign. But, it seems to me that you could really do our country a service by helping out another Republican who believes in securing our borders, that we shouldn't have incentives for people to come here illegally, and we shouldn't give people who are here already any benefit for coming here illegally.

Respecfully Submitted,

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Good job!! Thanks for being so pro-active. Go MITT!!

People have criticized Governor Huckabee for his lack of foreign policy expertise, but I have to take exception to that. I have been studying Huckabee's background and the amazing things he accomplished while he was governor of Arkansas.

Why, I heard that he established a Mexican Consulate in Little Rock, Arkansas.

He had so much finesse as a foreign policy expert that he was able to arrange a deal where the Mexican Government only had to pay $1.00 a year for their rented facilities.

The really special thing is that the illegals that came to Arkansas received countless “Matricula Consular” ID cards. Those cards help illegal aliens send billions of dollars back home, helping to prop up the corrupt Mexican government. And, their consul even encouraged civic leaders to advocate for illegal immigration.

Even the New York Times has alluded to Mexico overstepping its bounds, and the FBI has called those ID cards a security risk.

What an amazing man Mike Huckabee is!!

I have copied an excerpt from the article below. Read the whole thing!

By Jerome R. Corsi
© 2007

Former Gov. Mike Huckabee

A lingering controversy over the role former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee played in establishing a Mexican consulate office in Little Rock financed by taxpayers and local businesses continues to follow the Republican presidential candidate’s campaign, even as he enjoys a surge in polls.

Critics in Arkansas contend Huckabee worked with some of the state’s most prominent and politically powerful businesses to draw illegal immigrants to the state to accept low-paying jobs.

Huckabee strongly denied the charges in a telephone interview with WND yesterday.

This week, as WND reported, Rasmussen Reports added Huckabee to its daily tracking of top tier GOP presidential candidates following a surge that pushed him past former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney with the support of 13 percent of likely voters nationwide. In Iowa, a University of Iowa poll released Monday showed Huckabee surging to a virtual tie for second place in the key primary state with Rudy Giuliani at 13 percent.

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