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Saturday, December 29, 2007
posted by Mike | 5:15 PM | permalink
I would say that it is also more about what they are feeling, at least for the campaign vets on the Democratic side. And that goes doubly for so many of the posts on blogs around the Web. Some of the mindless things said about Mitt are so lacking in substance that is clear that too many people are "feeling" and not "thinking." Reason seems to have disappeared for way too many folks out there!

Susan Estrich, who is often one of the more thoughtful Democrats I have seen, wrote this on RealClearPolitics:
Huckabee? We should be so lucky. Romney? A Democratic dream. Rudy? What's happened to him? No, it's McCain who Democrats are watching and worrying about.
Yeah, right! It is clear to me that these folks are impressed with the person on the other side for whom only minor adjustments in their thought processes would enable them to vote for that candidate, despite party differences. There is no doubt in my mind that the least adjustment necessary would be with John McCain.

In case you have forgotten just how excited the Dems would have been to have had McCain for Kerry's running mate in '04, read this piece from the New York Times! The good news is that McCain had the presence of mind to say no. The bad news is that Kerry and many Dems thought this would have been a great idea. Somehow, I just can't see how a Dem favorite for their choice for VP should be considered a very good option for the presidential nomination of the Republican Party, despite war hero status and vaunted singlemindeness.

And for anyone who is worried about Estrich's "feeling" about the less than ideal opponents on the Republican side, please rest easy. Those who remain unconvinced and insist on wondering about how Mitt's resume will compare to Hillary's, please have a look at this cartoon:

Click here to see a larger of the cartoon.

See the Powerline link for the full story.

From Lucianne via Powerline

So that is how it goes for Hillary, and it is hard to believe that folks could think that Obama and Edwards have a whole lot more to offer!

Mike B.
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I wish you guys could find the Huck new conference today, it might be avalible ay Time after time Huck accused Mitt of being dishonest about his ads and would be a dishonest president. It was a very personal attack.My God I pray republicans aren't stupid enough to vote for Huck or McCain. If nothing else vote for Rudi because at least he would fight the liberals. McCain and Huck is one of them.

Anyone who believes that Romney would not be the toughest for whichever Democrat gets the nomination should consider how far he has come without the Republican establishment behind him.

He moved from being a nationally unknown governor to the leading contender for the Republican nomination. This was done with little support from those too cautious to get behind any one candidate too early.

With 9-10 months and a third of the country (those who are solidly conservative and could not support Clinton, Obama, or Edwards) behind him, I think it likely that he will win even with the weak footing all Republicans have been on since losses 2 years ago in the house and senate.

It seems that the attack numbers from the DNC also demonstrate the falsity of Estrich’s claims. McCain would present different challenges to a liberal running against him for sure, but there is much to be attacked still. McCain appeared to have snatched defeat from the jaws of victory just 1.5 months ago. I would still suggest this is the case. Romney on the other hand has slowly and methodically plotted a course toward the nomination. This evidences drive and leadership that the DNC should fear in the Republican nomination.

Thanks, TOm

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