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Friday, December 28, 2007
posted by Anne | 4:21 PM | permalink
National Review fences with the Union-Leader:
John McCain’s aides complain that Mitt Romney is running a negative campaign. Those same aides have been attacking Romney themselves, but for the most part they can outsource the negativism to their friends in the press — starting with the Union Leader, a prominent conservative newspaper in New Hampshire that has endorsed him. (We have endorsed Romney.)

The Union Leader’s advocacy of John McCain has become so fierce and lopsided that it has practically transformed itself into a pro-McCain 527 organization. It has not formalized the arrangement, which is lucky for it: If it had, McCain would, on his campaign-finance principles, have to try to shut it down.

Read on for more excellent points.

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Thanks for letting me post a comment on this site.

I am LDS, and though i respect MR, I will not be supporting him.

I will be supporting Ron Paul, and I encourage you to research him. I believe you will find him to be a Principled man, who follows the Constitution, i would even call him the Champion of the Constitution.

Mitt Romney may be a moral person, LDS, a good speaker, but his politics are in correct. Though i agree with him on some issues, here are a couple of things i do not:

He believes that Jihad is the biggest threat of our time. Unfortunatly, that is incorrect, and its sad to say, but the policies of the Bush Administration and the congress are more of a threat to our liberties.
Agencies like the IRS, DHS, CIA, and others are terrorizing people in this country to a greater degree than any foreign terrorist will.

Also, he wants to continue the illegal and undeclared war in IRAQ, and enlarge the milatary abroad.

He has no desire to stand against the Federal Reserve, or the Central Bank, which should not exist.

I wish all of you the best, and invite you to get behind the Champion of Liberty and the Constitution, Ron Paul.

Your fellow Republican,

By Anonymous Ron Paul 2008 . com, at December 28, 2007 at 5:37 PM  

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