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Tuesday, November 13, 2007
posted by Justin Hart | 3:00 PM | permalink
The indispensable Jim Geraghty (whose website should defiantly be on your browser tab on election night) had this to say about Romney's numbers:
I realize everything can change fast in Iowa and New Hampshire, and some are rightly skeptical about the value of polling in a caucus state. I also recognize that some pollsters' methods of figuring out who's a "likely voter" are better than others.

But if I were a Romney guy, I'd be pretty pleased about the trends in those two primary states.


Even the South Carolina numbers are starting to look better across several polls — he's leading the field at 29 percent, up 6 percentage points on Giuliani in ARG (okay, really, how is Fred Thompson getting 10 percent in South Carolina?), tied with Giuliani and one point behind Thompson in Winthrop/ETV, in a three-way tie for second and five points behind Thompson in InsiderAdvantage, leading the previous ARG by 3, and down 9 percent in Rasmussen, and even that's five percent higher than the previous poll by that organization.

JG attributes the NH success to the serious attention that Romney has given to the state. One Romney campaign operative told me that they are literally stunned at how little the Rudy folks are in NH. They feel its "there for the taking" and they'll take it if no one else will.

We couldn't agree more!

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