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Thursday, October 11, 2007
posted by Justin Hart | 6:58 PM | permalink
Remember the incident earlier over the sumer where Romney staffer Jay Garrity supposedly intimidated a reporter and ran his license plate number? NYT reporter Mark Lebovich reported this incident with baited breath in his article.

Turns out there was no there, there:
Attorney General Kelly Ayotte said Tuesday that her office found no evidence that anyone, during the time in question, had requested registration records for the car New York Times reporter Mark Leibovich was most likely driving.

She concluded no crime was committed.

Leibovich refused to cooperate, except to say that while he was following Romney in May, a staffer told him they had run his license plate.

Many Romney opponents were quick to pull out the beating sticks on this one. Did something actually happen or is just another case of the MSM over-excitement?

I'm not saying the incident was made up but it proves my theory that we can usually trust the MSM to blow things out of proportion and therefore... we shouldn't trust them... even when they provide fodder against our non-prefered candidate.


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