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Thursday, October 11, 2007
posted by Kyle Hampton | 1:06 PM | permalink
It seems that way. The Washington Times cites statements by both Tony Perkins and Gary Bauer that seem to suggest support of Romney. Perkins also rules out Huckabee saying:
"I was disappointed that in a recent speech he suggested that we should offer economic incentives to Iran to deter their development of a nuclear bomb and urged more negotiations," Mr. Bauer said. "I don't see how you negotiate with a Holocaust denier."

Here's the thing, and it seems to have accelerated in the last few weeks, essentially every major social conservative leader has shut the door on Romney's major rivals for the nomination. Dobson has eliminated McCain, Giuliani, Thompson. Perkins and Bauer seem to be eliminating Huckabee. All the while, these leaders plus Richard Land have praised Romney and found his conversion on life issues to be sincere. Is this an explicit endorsement? No, but it's not far off. Add to that, the explicit endorsements by persons with real gravitas like James Bopp, Jr. and Mark DeMoss and we seem to have a good idea of who social conservatives should endorse. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if there was a general consensus among social conservative leaders after the Values Voter Summit next week.

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