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Monday, October 8, 2007
posted by Justin Hart | 1:43 PM | permalink
The recent exchange between "myclob" and Jim Geraghty is an excellent case study into the uneasy and unprecedented GOP intra-party nomination. In short: this is new and unfamiliar ground for all of us on the blogging right and sometimes... we step in it.

When George W. defeated McCain for the nomination in 2000 I doubt any of us were blogging. Certainly none of us were actively engaged in cross-site debate in 20 minute news cycles. In 2004 the approach was easy: beat up Kerry - no Republican primary necessary.

Today, the game has changed. Vile and vitriol that we reserved for only the left-iest lefties we now pour out on our own friends in the conservative movement.

The identifying feature of most political blogs is "who" you support for the nomination: RedState becomes FredState, Ankle Biting Pundits becomes a shill for McCain, Race42008 leans heavy for Rudy, etc...

None of these characterizations is fair.

Or take the latest at our fellow Mitt blog Elect Romney in '08 bringing up Allen's endorsement with a post entitled: Mr. Macaca joins team Fred. Think about it. One year ago that title would fit like a glove as a post on DailyKos. Today, it's on a conservative blog, beating up an opposing conservative candidate with a line that defeated a conservative candidate in 2006.

The Elect Romney folk are indispensable but I'm slowly trying to make my way back to shore before we all drown in knee-jerk reactions.

This is not pretty. And I'm not sure what the answer is.

Geraghty's TKS was one of seven tabs that I refreshed every 30 seconds into 2004 election night on pins and needles. Jim and I actually exchanged several emails that night trying to get on-the-ground information to overcome the terrible early exit poll fiascos. His reports from Obi Wan were invaluable. I was so nervous about a loss I even had my blame game fixed on Jim. TKS was right, thankfully.

I think some of these debates are fair, some are wanting and some are just plain wrong. If we step in it here at MMM I will call it out.
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The way I look at it on the "Mr. Macaca" post, is that had Allen just said that he was FOR Fred I wouldn't have said a thing. But, Fred appointed him to his National Leadership Team. That means that he trusts him to lead his campaign in that capacity and shows character.

In the same sense that Governor Romney wants to clean house among Republicans in the fiscal sense. We also need to clean house in the moral sense as well.

Allen made the comment from his own mouth, and smiled while he did it. Sure, he lost his seat (and in turn lost the seat for the party too keep in mind). But, I think it's way too soon to be seeing him on the National scene again. By allowing him to do so, we show as a party just how "insensitive" that we're repeatedly characterized as.

I agree with Justin. I know I fall into the trap of bashing other Republicans for any little slip, sometimes, because I want Romney to win so much. That certainly doesn't make it right.

In a sense I agree with Ann. George Allen is not my type of Republican. And putting Allen in a prominent position just begs for riducule. However, the petty snipping that goes on gets old. Thanks for a good dose of reality, Justin.

So it's Dick Cheney's fault for not running then. ;)

Did the democrats have similar problems in 2004?

You always have problems when you generalize. Sometimes its good to critisize what fellow republicans say, and sometimes it is not.

Romney has been going pretty hard after Rudy.

You don't always play nice...

The policy at Moms4Mitt has always been "Pro-Romney all the time". Nothing about the other candidates - period. EVER.

I understand that politics is a dirty business, but I am happy to provide my readers with an escape from all of this.

MyManMitt is still my favorite blog, and it's would be nice have a break from the constant negativity and return to what we all love - MITT!!

I also get a little uneasy with the "Come down on Rudy" stuff on Mitt's site. The folks there tread a fine line as they try to report what the other candidate has done or said while not attacking the person himself (or herself).

Thanks for the thought provoking piece and all the great work you do for Mitt!

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