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Thursday, June 28, 2007
posted by Kyle Hampton | 10:43 AM | permalink
...of info. I don't want to distract from what Jeff wrote about the Q2 fundraising, so go read that first, go donate, and then come back here.

First, from Jim Geraghty:
Down Goes Cloture! Down Goes Cloture!
Down goes cloture! Down goes the immigration deal, for the second time! 46 to 53 is the final vote.

Sam Brownback ultimately voted "no" after initally voting "yes."

McCain voted yes.

If I am not mistaken, all the Democratic senators running for president voted yes.

Second, another important Supreme Court decision, this time striking down the use of race in elementary and secondary schools to acheive a racial balance.

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Interesting decision, with Kennedy playing the central role, of course.

I hesitate to even utter his name. Yet, Brownback has really done himself in with this week's immigration vote. I guess he was never in the race to begin with, but what a collosal flip-flop!

First, he votes "yes" and 10 minutes later he votes "no." What is he doing? I can't think of a better example of flipping followed by flopping. He now has negative (less than zero) credibility in his attacks on Mitt for any issue--abortion or otherwise.

People can evolve and remain principled if they follow credible paths. Brownback's 10-minute flip-flop (and his post-vote explanations found at the link below) isn't so credible.

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