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Friday, June 15, 2007
posted by Timotheus | 6:13 PM | permalink
Governor Romney had an excellent piece in the National Review Online today on an approach to stem cell research that would avoid the ethical and political controversies associated with that research. Some excerpts and reaction:

"Late last week, two developments involving stem-cell research offered a sharp contrast between the great strengths of American biomedical science and the terrible weakness of Washington politics."

"First, on Wednesday, we learned that researchers in Massachusetts, building on prior accomplishments by colleagues in Japan, had managed to transform regular skin cells into the equivalent of embryonic stem cells in mice. Their work points to a way to produce cells with the qualities scientists value about embryonic stem cells — but without the need to create, harm, or destroy human embryos, and therefore without ethical or political controversy."

"But then, on Thursday, the Congress passed a bill that would for the first time use taxpayer dollars to encourage the destruction of embryos for research. Just as it is becoming increasingly clear that scientific ingenuity could offer a way around the divisive controversies of the stem-cell debate, congressional Democrats are working to stoke those very controversies. They have opted to exacerbate what they see as a political debate that works in their favor, rather than encourage a scientific solution that would work in America’s favor."

"Support for ethical biomedical research should be part of our collective identity as a noble society. Instead of turning the quest for cures into a partisan battle, Congress should embrace the exciting emerging lines of research that could meet the goals of all sides in the stem-cell debate. A bill to support just such a positive approach to stem cell research passed the Senate in April by a whopping margin of 70 to 28. But the House Democratic leadership, choosing politics over the prospect of consensus on science, appears to be unwilling even to allow a vote on that hopeful legislation."

"It is time to move beyond typical Washington politics, and offer support for stem-cell research techniques that bring science and ethics together to promote life, protect life, and save lives."

Nothing is more apparent from this article than that Romney is a leader. He is an intelligent and optimistic voice for the issues we care about. Just when others are attacking Romney and seeking to infect voter's minds with misinformation, Romney simply continues the good fight, laying out his approach and alternative to political positioning in government and in the primary election. Where others are simply content to run a negative campaign, Romney is innovating, looking for solutions, and seeking to promote the right position with information and ideas.
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As I try to sort through the Republican contenders to find my favorite, some things attract me and others repel. In this latter category is managing director Bonham's vicious, personal attack on Senator Brownback,writing in a post that Brownback is "lousy," a "bottom feeder," and a "bozo."
That's one strike against Mitt.

By Anonymous Raymond Hudon, at June 15, 2007 at 6:59 PM  

Yeah one strike against Brownback when he says, "I'm pro-life. [Romney] isn't. Decent politicians should be unable to allow uh, prevarications, distortions, er, uh, lies like these past their lips if they have any decency at all. . .not to mention the audacity of him thinking people who have read up on the situation humor this type of comment. Brownback's clearly gearing for those that trust him enough to take his word on things without doing the research. So, it's tie score?

By Anonymous Anonymous, at June 16, 2007 at 12:10 AM  

Looks like Brownback sent BOTH his supporters over here to muddy up the comments section.

By Anonymous GeorgiaMom, at June 16, 2007 at 12:14 AM  

Why are these comments under the "Romney for Ethical Stem Cell Research" post? Don't they belong under the post by Bonham?

(heads over to check the comments under that post...)

By Anonymous redbeard, at June 16, 2007 at 6:57 AM  

Dear Raymond Hudon,

When you take Brownback's comments about Romney in their appropriate context, Jason's comments were what you might expect a die-hard Romney guy to say. He chose those words, and I bet will stand by them.

One strike against Mitt? What's with the count? Does Mitt automatically forfeit the primary if you find three things you dislike about Mitt?

By the way, Jason is not Mitt Romney. He's just having a wonderful time and performing wonderful service by providing information (laced with humor on occasion) to those of us who increasingly support the Governor.

Be honest, Brownback really has never been in the race. In my opinion--and that of many others in the media--he is attempting to get attention by attacking Mitt on this non-news speech.

Look at Mitt comprehensively. And then look at Brownback if he's your man. Most Americans, hopefully you included, will continue to sign up w/ our man Mitt.

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