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Friday, June 22, 2007
posted by jason | 7:18 AM | permalink
Following up on the McCain Mormon Whisper Campaign we now have another reported attack coming out of Camp McCain.

he New Hampshire Attorney General's Office has opened an investigation into whether presidential hopeful Mitt Romney's staff might have made an illegal traffic stop, the same day a group of conservative activists with a connection to rival Sen. John McCain complained Thursday.

ConserveNH President Paul Nagy wrote a letter to Attorney General Kelly Ayotte asking her to check if Romney aides illegally stopped a New York Times reporter, checked his license plate against a database and overstepped their role.

"We want attention to the indiscretion," said Nagy, who said he is not supporting a candidate. "I think there is a bunch of arrogance involved in this. We just don't do that to guests when they visit our state during the presidential primary season."

One of ConserveNH's founder, Patrick Hynes, works for McCain's political action committee, Straight Talk America.

So lets take a look at some ConserveNH's leaders:

1. ConserveNH was founded, and presumably ran by Doug Lambert, Skip Murphy, Paul Nagy and Patrick Hynes.

2. Doug Lambert and Skip Murphy both claim that they are no fans of Romney.

3. Pat Hynes is a paid consultant of McCain's and needs no introduction. From all accounts he is an excellent blogger and real "nice" guy, so I am not here to knock on him personally.

4. It's not too hard to find tough-on-Mitt-pieces-easy-on-McCain-pieces at Lambert and Murphy's blog.

5. For Paul Nagy (who actually petitioned the AG) attacking Romney is nothing new.

Now lets looks at the two causes ConserveNH has taken on:

1. Protecting Marriage in NH by an online petition.

2. Protecting innocent NYTimes reporters, by calling for an investigation by the State Attorney General into Mitt Romney.

It doesn't take much thought to come to a quick conclusion the ConserveNH is really a puppett group for attacking Mitt Romney. An online petition with a whopping 600 signatures and official request to investigate Romney. I cannot confirm that they are in the bag with McCain- because their is nothing beyond circumstantial evidence in my view. But, (and that is a big "but") it's highly probable in my opinion.

Now lets take a look at some of the claims ConserveNH is making on this:

Nagy said the letter was sent independently of the McCain campaign and said he was unaware that Hynes is on McCain's payroll.

"I know nothing about that. I could not tell you who any of the members of the board are supporting," said Nagy, who is a critic of McCain's immigration plan.

...uh...Naggy, you only have 4 people on your board and you have no idea Hynes was a paid consultant of McCain. Wow.

"We want attention to the indiscretion," said Nagy, who said he is not supporting a candidate. "I think there is a bunch of arrogance involved in this. We just don't do that to guests when they visit our state during the presidential primary season."

Apparently Nagy has two things they want to protect: Marriage and scared NYTimes reporters who stories are unsubstantiated to this point. I believe this is the first time a Conservsative action group has taken up the cause of protecting the NYTimes.


McCain's New Hampshire spokeswoman Jill Hazelbaker flatly denied any connection between the campaign and the letter.

"You would be hard-pressed not to find a McCain supporter in just about any New Hampshire organization. Mr. Nagy's statement speaks for itself," she said.

Noticed she said "supporter" in the singular form. Judging by McCain's New Hampshire numbers that sounds about right.
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By the way, the campaign has flatly denied pulling anyone over. Which makes sense. How would they have pulled the reporter over? They didn't have lights and sirens. What, were they hanging out the window asking them to pull over? It doesn't make any sense. What makes sense is that the reporter was already stopped. Just because someone talks to you at your car though doesn't mean you were pulled over or that there was an illegal traffic stop. The reporter is making that up.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at June 22, 2007 at 9:53 AM  

It happened in Boston too.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at June 22, 2007 at 12:09 PM  

I am a HUGE fan of Governor Romney, but this is not the first time this guy has been accused of impersonating a police officer.

Governor Romney should not tolerate this kind of thing. It does nothing but distract the media from focusing on what they should really be focused on.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at June 22, 2007 at 7:30 PM  

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