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Tuesday, June 26, 2007
posted by Jeff Fuller | 1:52 AM | permalink
It will take me a few days in may spare time to process all this information, but make sure to check out the Boston Globe's "The Making of Mitt Romney" 7-part special edition. There seems to be over a dozen of detailed and lengthy articles highlighting different phases throughout his life.

I've been reading just about everthing Romney-related for over a year now, and I've learned lots of new things more about him after just spending the last hour going through less than a quarter of it.

One thing that I've noticed so far from the peices I've read is that it's pretty hard to find one of Mitt's personal contacts from his past that have anything bad to say about him.

Thoughts? Impressions? Favorite Parts/Quotes?
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So far, the most telling quote in the entire series, in my mind, is found at the top of the third page of the story about his time at Harvard. It reads:
"Romney's classmates also remember him as enthusiastic and optimistic, noteworthy qualities at that time of war and social turmoil.
'He was just full of energy and excitement about the law and law school,' said Garret G. Rasmussen, who, by virtue of alphabetical seating, sat near Romney their first year at law school. "There was nothing jaded about him, nothing skeptical, nothing ironic. He was all positive, and it was a very refreshing style.'"
In conversations with acquaintances about Romney, one of the most common complaints I hear about him is some variation of "No one is that good." They see him as too polished, even fake, simply because they cannot imagine that anyone really could be as good as Romney truly is. It seems that he has really been that good, even from his drad school days.

What a sad commentary when goodness, intelligence, wealth, business savy a great family and capability are deemed by many Americans as a negative. We should all want the best and brightest among us to lead our country. I have met Mitt and had the chance to speak with him on several occassions and my impression of him now exactly mirrors that of his grad school friends. HE REALLY IS THAT GOOD!!!

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