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Sunday, June 17, 2007
posted by jason | 11:29 PM | permalink
Tonight and tommorow I am going to start uploading some of the videos and Pictures from Iowa. I had a great time. Needless to say, the Iowa Campaign is strong, and within a couple of events it was very obvious to me why McCain and Giuliani chose the route of retreat.

Some quick impressions and then I will provide a narrative with videos and pics over several posts during the next day or so:

1. Ann Romney is an amazing person. I had the chance to talk with her a few times over the weekend. Undoubtedly, a spectacular lady and truly a first class human being. I am positive that Mitt would not be the candidate and person he is without the influence of her- and I think with this new home movie they have released we can all see why.

2. Mitt Romney is the energizer bunny. Me and Jeff Fuller were worn out by the weekend. We followed him everywhere we possibly could for 3 days, and were dead. Mitt was the one who had to perform. And he never seemed out of sync or without the right answer. It's amazing to consider the schedule he, or for that manner any of the candidates, have to keep up.

3. People walk out of meeting with Mitt on Fire. The governor knows how to campaign. Everywhere we went everyone was impressed. I don't think I met anyone who walked away unimpressed except for one guy who kept muttering, "What a liar"- I think for him it was an impossible task. I guess that and another guy named "Tim." Hi Tim!!!

4. Jeff Fuller is an Iowanian Icon. Something of a legend if you will.

5. Iowa was an amazing place, and it was a fantastic way to spend a Fathers Day Weekend.
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