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Monday, February 12, 2007
posted by Ben Wren | 8:40 PM | permalink

James Bopp, Jr, who recently endorsed Governor Romney for President, recently took time to answer a few questions on why he decided to endorse Romney.
MMM: Why did you endorse Mitt Romney?

Bopp: I believe that Governor Romney is the best qualified person for President. He is a fiscal and social conservative, he has impressive administrative experience in the private, non-profit and public sectors, and he is a proven and successful politician.

MMM: Given Governor Romney's well documented statements on abortion in the past what would you say to pro-life leaders who remain concerned about Romney's commitment to the movement given his recent conversion to it.

Bopp: The pro-life movement is open to converts. Two of our most stalwart pro-life presidents, Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush, were converts. I believe that Governor Romney's conversion on the pro-life issue is sincere for three reasons. First, it was based on a real life pivot point, when Harvard researchers told him that there was no "moral issue" with embryonic stem cell research because they "destroy the embryos at 14 days." This had a profound effect on him.

Second, as Governor, he consistently pursued pro-life policies. He vetoed the bill providing state funding for embryonic stem cell research, he vetoed a bill that provided for the "morning after pill" without a prescription because it is an abortifacient, he vetoed legislation which would have redefined Massachusetts longstanding definition of the beginning of human life from fertilization to implantation, and he fought to promote abstinence education in the classroom. These actions as Governor, and others, have lead leaders of the most important social conservative groups in Massachusetts, including Massachusetts Citizens for Life, Massachusetts Family Institute and the Knights of Columbus, to observe that, while previous comments by Ronmey "are, taken by themselves, obviously worrisome to social conservatives including ourselves, they do not dovetail with the actions of Governor Romney from 2003 until now - and those actions positively and demonstrably impacted the social climate of Massachusetts." They conclude that Romney "demonstrat[ed] [his] solid social conservative credentials by undertaking" these actions, and has, therefore, "proven that he shares our values, as well as our determination to protect them."

Third, I have met with Governor Romney and asked him the questions that I think need answered. I am satisfied with his answers.

MMM:While Rudy Giuliani has obvious flaws for the Pro-life movement John McCain's are not as apparent.Why should pro-life voters care about the Bipartisan Campaign Finance Reform Act(BCFRA), or McCain-Feingold.

Bopp: While both Giuliani and McCain would be superior to any potential Democrat nominee, I have serious policy differences with each of them.

Giuliani is not a social conservative. He is pro-choice, pro-partial birth abortion, pro-special rights for homosexuals, soft on gay marriage and pro-gun control.

Senator McCain opposes the federal marriage amendment, supports embryonic stem cell research and was a ringleader of the Gang-of-14 compromise that made it easier for Democrats to block President Bush's judicial nominees. He voted against Bush's tax cuts, supports an amnesty plan for illegal immigrants, and supports the Kyoto-like restrictions on the American economy.

Finally, Senator McCain is the principal sponsor of the McCain-Feingold bill which imposes severe limits on the participation of citizens groups and political parties in our representative democracy. The pro-life movement should care about McCain-Feingold because it has seriously undermined our ability to accomplish our policy goals by making it much harder to influence public policy.

MMM: How do you think a Romney Presidency will advance the pro-life movement?

Bopp: I think he will support pro-life legislation, continue the Bush administration's pro-life policies and nominate judges in the mold of Justices Scalia and Thomas.

MMM: Do you think pro-life issues will affect the Republican Primary?

Bopp:Yes, the vast majority of Republican primary voters are pro-life and want a pro-life President.

Many thanks to James Bopp Jr. for taking the time to talk with us.

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Excellent stuff!!

Great job getting that interview.

Thanks to James Bopp Jr. for granting such an interview. Convincing arguments.

Wonderful. Absolutely wonderful. Keep this kind of stuff coming.

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