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Wednesday, January 17, 2007
posted by Justin Hart | 11:07 AM | permalink
Hugh Hewitt had a most excellent article on Mormonism yesterday. Here are some excerpts. Referring to Jacob Weisberg's diatribe against Moromons:
Thus does the left casually open the door to the baldest sort of bigotry, a first cousin of the anti-Catholicism thought buried in 1960, or the anti-Semitism that continues to plague Europe and of course the Middle East. The not-so-deft substitution of "religious heritage" for "religion" is supposed, I guess, to protect Jews willing to abandon the outward display of their faith, but for anyone believing in the miraculous of any sort, well, those days of the great tolerance in American politics are over.


Weisberg’s attack on Romney is exactly the sort of attack on other Christians and believers in the miraculous that the secular left would love to make routine. To mainstream Protestants and Mass-attending Catholics, the virtual mob against Romney because of his LDS faith may seem like someone else’s problem, but it is really another step down the road toward the naked public square. Legitimizing bigotry by refusing to condemn it invites not only its repetition, but its spread to new targets.
As a devout Mormon I appreciate his comments.

Also, Mitt recently appeared on the Hugh Hewitt show. You can listen to it here.


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