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Thursday, April 3, 2008
posted by Kyle Hampton | 5:52 PM | permalink

Maybe this is reverse psychology?

That’s the only excuse I can think of in defense of the GINGPAC decision to blast the idea of a McCain-Romney ticket. Unfortunately I don’t think these guys had reverse psychology in mind when they drafted this ad that, according to the website, will appear wherever McCain campaigns, starting in Prescott, AZ this weekend.

I could go on in an almost endless rant about why these guys have it wrong about Romney. However, the illogic and misinformation are patent from reading the ad. Citing questionable sources and making bare (and false) allegations does not lend credibility to their claims. Indeed, one could find numerous reliable and prominent sources that completely negate the claims they make.

Probably the saddest part of this was seeing Paul Weyrich’s name attached to the ad. Et tu Paul?
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There should be some way that Romney supporters could run an ad that counters this one being posted by GINGPAC, an ad that responds to each of the false charges leveled against Romney. Could or Hugh Hewitt spearhead this effort, including well-known conservatives who support Governor Romney signing their names at the bottom? I'm sure that many of us would be willing to contribute to such an effort. Please let us know how we could help out. The public needs to hear the truth about Mitt.

Looks like a Pro-Huckster group to me!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at April 3, 2008 at 8:21 PM  

Hey Kyle, HotAir picked you up. Nice work! I'm glad someone is still working to set the record straight on these laughable accusations of our candidate. Thanks for the excellent effort!!

look, they are doin u a favor.
the MSM would have a festival on Mitt.
a rev. wright style youtube collage of icky mormon theological goobers like dead jew baptism and mormon underwear.
give it up.
this country is more ready for a scientologist to be prez than a mormon.
sad but true.

You know I used to have a lot of respect for some of these Social Conservative groups, I agree with a lot of their goals and what they want. But after this election I have lost a lot of respect for them. Some of these groups truly are the "agents of intolerance" that Sen. McCain once labeled.

Gov. Romney bent over backwards to assuage the fears of these groups by heartily supporting what they believe in and his record as MA Gov. showed it, they all seem to forget his ban on Stem Cell Research but they trot out some stupid made up claim about his healthcare plan allowing for $50.00 abortions, which is just utterly ridiculous.

I will Never ever donate one dime more of my money to support any of these organizations because it is obvious that their goals are to support religious bigotry. I mean My goodness How Dare a Mormon be elected President of the United States! What the blank did they do to these Christians? Nothing comes to my mind?

Now I see why so many supported Huckabee, he wanted the IRS abolished so the 501(c)(3) provisions would be gone, meaning politicking from the pulpit and a literal hijacking of the GOP that would prevent us from ever retaking the majority.

Let's start our own petition FOR Mitt to be McCain's running mate!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at April 3, 2008 at 10:02 PM  

I'm so sick of these miserable angry conservative cannibals, I could vomit. Of course, I'm not surprised by this in the least; it's ALWAYS been about their (meaning the hardcore conservative activists) very specific demands on the issues first, "me first" politics, America be damned. These are the same idiots that will end up getting Barry The Socialist Obamessiah elected because no matter what, they won't be happy with McCain at the top of the ticket. They could have Weyrich himself as the VP candidate, and still some of them would sit out the election to "teach the GOP a lesson." To hell with them.

Weyrich surprises me least of all. I have no doubt he endorsed Romney just because he thought Mitt would get the nomination and Mitt was the least objectionable to him of the pack--not that he actually wanted Mitt Romney to be President.

But what do I know? When I decided to support John McCain, I was told by the conservative activist elites that I was no longer conservative and that I'm a RINO. Funny how those who say they'll not support the Republican nominee call conservative Republican voters "RINOs."

You would think that they might follow Mitt's lead in letting the campaign be water under the bridge, and supporting the nominee, but then those people don't have the slightest concept of teamwork. Nor do they have a clue what Reagan would do, even though they drag Zombie Reagan around as their measuring stick for everything under the sun.

I'm even happier now that John McCain is the nominee (sorry, no offense to Mitt or y'all) because it's the big stick in the eye that those people need to knock them back down to size. THEY are the ones who need to be taught a lesson, and I say this as a lifelong conservative. I'm even more disgusted by this than I was by their deranged vilification of McCain, because in his case, it was pretty much expected. This, though, is just incredible.

Time for a new generation of conservative leaders to push the cannibals out. Those people have done precisely NOTHING to advance the cause of conservatism--the number of people who call themselves "conservatives" has shrunk steadily since the AngryCons have risen in power.

You know I used to have a lot of respect for some of these Social Conservative groups, I agree with a lot of their goals and what they want. But after this election I have lost a lot of respect for them. Some of these groups truly are the "agents of intolerance" that Sen. McCain once labeled.


Looks like a Pro-Huckster group to me!


Of course, it seemed pretty obvious even without the link, anyway.

This sounds like ANOTHER attack against Romney by rabid Huckabee supporters, to me. These people seem to be bent against Mormons at the exclusion of all other non-Christian religions.

I have a blog post that rebuts some claims against Romney that may interest some.

This kind of tactic and opposition against Romney really upsets me.

Is this org. connected to Newt? You know Newt blamed Mitt's money for him not getting in the race now he's sucking up to the global warming crowd.What's going on with these people? They wonder why we keep losing elections.

I can't figure this out. I am a social conservative and the ONLY way I will vote for John McCain is if he picks Mitt to be his Veep. I have supported Mitt for public office ever since he ran against Ted Kennedy for Senate in Massachusetts in 1994. And no, I am not a Mormon.

By Anonymous Romney Girl, at April 4, 2008 at 6:48 AM  

This group backs the Huckster.

Don't anybody fool themselves for a single second about what Huckabee is currently doing behind the scenes to keep "The Mormon" off the ticket.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at April 4, 2008 at 9:12 AM  

I am a Conservative Catholic who is concerned about many political issues and I have studied the pros and cons of the various candidates. In the primary elections which were held March 4th in my state, I decided to vote for Mr. Huckabee. Social issues are important to me and I felt that he was the most Conservative candidate. I know that those who support Mr. Romney say that he is a Conservative. While I realize that he is not a Liberal. I have various concerns about Mr. Romney and I am not looking forward to voting for a ticket with Mr. Romney on it. I am primarily concerned that Mr. Romney is not Conservative enough on social issues and I am also concerned about his socialized medicine plan. Many people say that those of us who do not support Mr. Romney are bigots. I have only met a few Mormons in my life so I do not know much about them one way or the other so please understand that while I have disagreement with Mormonism, I do not oppose Mormons in public office. I have concerned with Mr. Romney's policies, not his faith. Please try to assure me that your candidate will uphold the Conservative values of our country.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at April 4, 2008 at 10:03 AM  

You pose a very good question Ohio Joe. You can never be 100% sure what the intentions are of any political candidate. However, one way to get some idea of the character of an individual is to look at the life they have lived, and what their core values are and what their record in public office has been. Mitt Romney has lived a virtuous life. Just look at his wonderful family. Something hard to do in this troubled world. But I believe most that Mitt Romney revealed his core values in his speech entitled, "Religious Freedom". What this country needs is someone who truly believes what Mitt said in his speech, and I believe he meant every word.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at April 4, 2008 at 10:47 AM  

mccain can't win the election without the theocons.
theocons (or social conservatives) make up 1/3 of the republican party, and 1/5 of the electorate.
some percentage of theocons will never vote for a mormon.
the issue stuff on the just-say-no-ad is just chaff.
it is pure religious bigotry.
but the theocons have the republican party by the short hairs.

face it, the theocons own the republican party now. no longer the party of constitutionalism and small government, it is the party of LIFE!, anti-gay marriage and school vouchers.

just like in Dune...whoever can destroy a thing, owns that thing.

Ohio Joe

If you took as much time studying Romney's actual record of accomplishments while governor of Mass as you took to write the above post you would have no concerns.

The fact that you post your so-called concerns over plainly documented achievements rather than actually research them shows a real lack of desire to know the truth about Romney.

Compare Huckabee's record as governor to Romney's record as governor and NO CONSERVATIVE would ever pick Huckabee over Romney unless they have a problem with his religion.

The bottom line is Huckabee governed as a bleeding heart liberal and Romney governed as a cool headed, fiscally conservative, problem solver.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at April 4, 2008 at 11:33 AM  


Click on the links in the actual blog post and you will see that Romney is indeed a social conservative. Like Reagan, some of his positions (namely, and quite frankly only, abortion) have changed from a non-interventionist policy to supporting an outright ban, but I have no doubt that his conservative credentials are bonified. And don't be scared by Huckster supporters telling you that Mitt is anathema to the conservative movement- they are only trying to cover up their own left leaning ways on anything BUT social issues.

Take the old chestnut "Mitt supported tax payer funded abortions in Mass!" This is a blatant lie. His free economy-based healthcare plan in Mass (similar to what car insurance is in most states- you are required to have it, but it does not matter where you get it, thereby cutting premiums roughly in half and allowing more marketplace reforms) originally did not allow for tax-payer funded abortions to be legal, but seeing as how the legislature in Mass is basically Communist, they added it to the bill after Mitt proposed it. Is that Mitt's fault? Or even idea? No. But the Huckaboob fans will cry foul all day long.

I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that many of these so called religious leaders are solely motivated by religious intolerance. They will tell lies and damn their souls in hell to tilt at windmills, while real and important issues get left in the dust. Curse them all!!

Woah these haters need to purge the worm that's eating them from the inside out. Weyrich, I know nothing about him 'cept now it's clear he's flaky, and a Benedict/Judas type. This is totally in line with Huckabee's attitudes and motives, most Americans reject the hater agenda. Get some moral backbone you people! Sheeesh.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at April 4, 2008 at 1:32 PM  

I am amazed that here we are looking to nominate John McCain, our nominee, to be president and a group is lobbying for their candidate for VP by pulling down Mitt. This is so self serving for Huckabee it isn't even funny. Mitt is trying to rally the republicans and Mike and his people are trying to force his way onto the ticket with an ad that isn't 100% true. That is a character issue and means I take Mitt over Mike all day long.

I would have to agree with previous posts that the sour taste in my mouth is coming from those with an aganda other than getting John McCain nominated.

Not one rebuttal of the letter itself on any point of fact. Just nasty amateur accusations about our motives. Sure, we're "anti-Mormon bigots" -- even though all six of us in Massachusetts voted for Romney in 2002.

Okay, then. So the statements of fact in our letter have been reliably disproved? Any chance of any of you figuring out that the links offered at this site do nothing at all to disprove the plain words of Massachusetts law and our state constitution? How about doing the original research to see if any of the people cited as authority did their homework.

They didn't and if you care for the truth I can prove it. In fact I already have:

Here's a test of whether you really mean that or you're just mitting us:
Let have a point-by-point debate. If you disprove ANY of our claims, even ONE of them, I will round up the signers of the letter and we'll publicly retract the statement(s) and apologize.

On the other hand, if you fail, and if I prove that Romney did these things, you publicly retract your slanderous statements and you close down this surreal, Orwellian website dedicated to kissing the feet of a pathological liar.

Fair enough?

Oh, by the way, bring Ann Coulter, Jay Sekulow, Hugh Hewitt, any limousine-chasing "legal heavyweights" you want and we'll up the ante.

Here's a perfect chance for you guys to score big. Get the job done and we're out of business with a humiliating apology.

If we get the job done, you're all finished. Close down this surreal shrine to St. Mitt. Okay?

It's put up or shut up. E-mail me if you think you can back up your big words.

And as I said, bring all the help you can get.

John Haskins
The Parents' Rights Coalition and

If McCain picks Mitt "I'll flip flop on any issue" Romney, as fas as I, and many like me are concerned, he's on his own!

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