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Tuesday, November 6, 2007
posted by Kyle Hampton | 3:21 PM | permalink
Kristi L. Remington, who served as deputy assistant attorney general at the Department of Justice, and Jamie E. Brown, who served as special assistant to the president for legislative affairs, have penned an article over at NRO about why Romney would be great at appointing judges. Both were core members of the team that achieved the confirmations of Chief Justice Roberts and Justice Alito to the Supreme Court. Thus, they understand what a judge should be. They write:
For that reason, it is critically important to consider what type of individual a presidential candidate would nominate to the bench. We are confident that if elected as president, Governor Romney would appoint individuals to the federal courts who respect the appropriate role of the judiciary in our democratic system.

It is interesting that these experts did not choose another man who was involved in the nomination of Chief Justice Roberts: Fred Thompson. I think this article, by implication, underscores the role that Fred had in the Roberts nomination: social as opposed to substantive. Perhaps that's some people's idea of preparation for the presidency, social host, but some of us see the Presidency as a more serious endevour.


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