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Friday, November 9, 2007
posted by Timotheus | 4:18 PM | permalink
I have been absent recently (surely not conspicuously) because I have been engaged in back-to-back jury trials. Alas, I will be starting another one after Veteran's Day as well. I just wanted to take this opportunity to issue a challenge to Ron Paul. I like to talk about him from time to time because he has so many lackeys trolling the net looking for references to him, which helps to increase our website traffic.

The Ron Paul Challenge:

I have the distinct impression, Dr. Paul, that you are hijacking the Republican primary process in order to establish yourself as a third party candidate. In fact, I see no indication that you have any plans to concede defeat when Romney or anyone besides you wins the nomination. If you were to run as a third party candidate, as you did against George Bush 41 in 1988, I believe it might very well be disastrous to our party and our country because you may pull votes from our candidate in what may be a very close election.

I called your campaign and was told by one of your staffers that you are on record saying you have no plans to run as a third party candidate at this time. Frankly sir, that's not good enough. If my wife was headed to Las Vegas with some friends and I asked her to be faithful while she was gone, I wouldn't be satisfied if she told me she has no plans to be unfaithful at this time.

Are you going to be faithful to the Republican party?

If you are, I urge you to make a public statement to that effect. Try something like this. "I, Ron Paul, have been treated generously and graciously by the Republican Party. I have been allowed to participate in their debates and to increase my name recognition thereby. I have been allowed to run for many years with an "R" by my name in Texas, which was certainly a lot better in that state than the "L" I used to run against George Bush. In recognition of the support I have received from the Republican party, I hereby promise not to run as a candidate for United States President if I am not nominated as the Republican presidential candidate."
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I would not be at ALL surprised if we found Ron on a ticket after he loses the nomination. It's interesting, though, to see the zeal with which the RonHeads defend and promote Ron on literally every site that his name is mentioned. Though he does have some interesting points, he is no where near as pragmatic and level headed as Our Man Mitt!

I have no doubt as to who will be the nominee, Mitt Romney, but as I have explained to quite a few people if Dr. Paul runs as a third party canidate he will pull votes from Mitt as already stated. What I don't understand is if you don't have enough support to get the nomination in the first place, how do you expect to recieve enough votes to win the White House. A third party run is just another way of saying, "I'm a sore loser". Dr. Paul by all means run your campaign as is your right, but when Gov. Romney wins the nomination, don't throw a tantrum. PLEASE!!

Do we really need the nutcases that would support Paul? I'd hope not.

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