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Thursday, March 1, 2007
posted by Jon | 10:52 AM | permalink
As you may or may not be aware, Blogfather Hugh has written a book on Mitt entitled “A Mormon In The White House”. I’ve been a long time fan of Blogfather Hugh. I spent the early morning hours of that fateful day in September of 2001 listening to his radio show and have more or less kept my Dimagiatti status ever since.

The book is slated for wide release in a few weeks and so Hugh is beginning to make the rounds of what will become a book tour. One of his first interviews was given (at the behest of his publisher) to the New York Times’ David Kirkpatrick. I don’t read the New York Times, much less David Kirkpatrick, but one of his questions set Hugh on fire and rubbed me the wrong way as well.

I think it can safely be said the MSM doesn’t like Mitt. They don’t understand anyone who doesn’t share their view. Kirkpatrick asked Hugh – evidently very bluntly – if Mitt had paid him to write the book. Yep, that must be the reason. Nobody would ever say anything positive about Mitt unless they were paid to do so. Kirkpatrick was operating under the rumor Mitt had spread some cash around the right side of the political media and evidently believed Hugh had received some of that cash.

Here’s my take: Hugh knew religion would be a factor in the 2008 campaign cycle because Mitt brings that issue to the forefront. He saw an opportunity to write a book about an unexplored subject and managed to convince a publisher it would be worth the investment. And yes, Hugh just might make a little cash if he flogs the book enough.

I don’t know where Kirkpatrick got the idea Hugh could be bought by the Mitt campaign. Hugh is an accomplished author, talk show host, and legal scholar. I’m sure he made out just fine before he wrote his most recent book, and – gods of capitalism willing- he’ll make out even better once the books hit the stands.
Memo to Mitt: If you’re spreading cash around the right side of the political spectrum, don’t forget to spread some this way. I make no illusions to the contrary, I can be bought. :)
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